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Employee of a Russian Bank admitted “criminal conspiracy”

Работник российского банка признался в «преступном сговоре»The accused, according to investigators, collected the data for the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation

Yevgeny Buryakov, an employee of one of the well-known Russian banks, admitted in an American court in “criminal conspiracy”. According to the investigation, he and two of his accomplices, Igor Sporyshev and Victor Like that – collected economic data (including those relating to anti-Russian sanctions) and recruited residents for the Russian foreign intelligence Service SVR. Sporyshev and the Like previously have been able to leave the US due to diplomatic immunity.

Recall that the investigation into the “cell” as part of Buryakov-Sporyshev-Like began just a few months after the exposure, in 2010 a group of ten Russians, including Anna Chapman – who lived in the United States under false names and is accused by the United States in intelligence. Both of these process are forced to talk to US about the incredible level of espionage on the part of Russia is comparable with the times of the “cold war”.

From March 2012 to mid-2014, the FBI led outdoor and electronic surveillance Burakova and Sporyshev and recorded nearly fifty between them, which occurred mainly on the street. Before any such meeting took place a short phone conversation between the Russians in which one would say to another, something to tell him – for example, a ticket, a book, umbrella or hat. However, as stated, if the talk was about the tickets to the movies or a sports match, in reality no interest in these things was not present. The FBI has also studied computer Buryakov in the workplace in the Bank. In particular, the feds have found out that by collecting information about the Western sanctions against Russia, beets were typed in the search engine the word “sanctions”, “Russia”, “consequences”.

Charges against three Russians were nominated in January 2015. They were charged under what Buryakov, contrary to the law, did not register as a foreign agent, and Sporyshev and the Like have joined in League with him without the law.

According to the chief Prosecutor for the southern district of the Relieved of Bharari, Buryakov was in the United States since 2010 and had a work visa. Two other accused of the scandal – Sporyshev and the Like – promptly left the United States with diplomatic immunity. About Igor Sporyshev known that from November 2010 till 21 November 2014 he was a trade representative of Russia in new York. And Victor Like that since December 2012 was attaché of the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations.

In April 2015 Buryakov appeared before the Federal court in the borough of Manhattan In the bail, he was refused under the pretext that the Russians had an incentive to flee the US after the exposure.

It is unclear what impact the recognition Burakova of guilt on his sentence. Until he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Renat Abdullin

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