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“Echo” yesterday was arrogantly confident that England will vote to leave, for freedom


Yesterday the young of the leading “Echo” called Hastalska.-the fugitive seems to be of the “Kommersant”. He lives in London And asked him – how the UK will leave the EU. The tone of the conversation was this – well, where did she go.And do not give . And honestly , but not at the first attempt . said – that he was against secession voted.

And this secret confidence that they have in the West all properly and was cold and draughty. In the speeches.

But no.Western democracy still exists. In a good way.You can not have that blatantly rig the election, as we have.The European Union – this fragile structure falls apart. However. it is for them not much changes This is not the collapse of the Soviet Union. With a bunch of problems. Because there are many warlords. And before the Kremlin, they were patronial the Second person in Republic was Russian.At the prison – I forgot you know. Putin should ask.he is special in prison dictionary.

However. what this referendum for us ?

And did You know. what our Constitution says about democracy ?About the power of the majority. people ? What is the first sign of DEMOCRACY, narodopravstva ? Elections. no REFERENDUM ! How many were there in Russia ? Zero !

And only in second place – ELECTION. Which can, if you try and if there is a resource. to spend. how to power.

But , in my opinion, a referendum in England needs to somehow Wake up our sleeping people..Humiliated. but not yet the needy in big cities. And elite think.

I think Putin is why it ran into the state Duma with the adoption of ill-amendments. he also report On the sentiment at the bottom.

Putin’s people now supporting a small number of voters People. And he is nervous. A “mongrel” type of Spring – work out.

And Vice versa – people approached the government – not find the support of the people. See Alexei Pushkov! A good journalist. But the man – servant.In Sodomy elected – But easily seen in the service of power.Servile.What ? primaries failed. And Hinstein is not allowed. We have other clever Jews a lot.Don’t know what to do with them. Chubais, Dvorkovich…the Government understands the need to pretend – that the elections are free .Pamfilova to appeal. Well, at least to be in the state Duma majority. -even unconstitutional. But if ? So after Putin and Impeachment can declare. Brazil is also the beginning. Putin on such berries sitting. Understand – not stupid Experienced.

People should be aware of. He is the main.In the country. even according to the Constitution.Not the Deputies. That myself quite a while such privileges are knocked out…What in the world is so still. Why is everyone in the state Duma torn.

No one would be the old MP, I would be in the new state Duma did not choose.THE UPDATE IS REQUIRED .This is my opinion"Эхо" вчера было надменно уверено, что Англия не проголосует за выход, за свободу And Spring – to rest ! And with deprivation of the privileged pensions And by what right ?What is this CASTE ?Members.All. The minimum they should be the pension Prilichnyi minimum. Then they will reflect on their Laws. However. they such laws naprinimali . Represent the Main Godunova Sergei Naryshkin( no shame, no conscience, no decency) says that” the Deputy in the apartment must be light, so he could in the evening to engage in legislative activity”. That salary doesn’t allow them to shell out for a bulb ???ALL the people’s MONEY. but for such words in a Free Europe he would have “walked”. A. maybe sat am I wrong ????And “Echo” -Putin radio station. She’s on people’s needs not broadcasting.So it does not cover What the opposition is ?

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