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Earned new registration requirements for drones in Russia

On the territory of our country formally entered into force the law “On amendments to the Air code of the Russian Federation in the use of unmanned aircraft”. Its name speaks for itself: it reviews the new rules for owning drones in Russia, including their mandatory registration. And it’s not an April fool’s joke.

The law with a very long name was approved by the Federation Council in late December 2015, but entered into force only now, and Yes, it applies primarily to civil UAVs, quadcopters including, though not all. The document provides obligatory registration of drones and not less than a mandatory certification, but in the latter case, there is a certain list of exceptions — they are listed in the text of the law. The document also explained what is a pilotless aircraft: this is a technical product, which is controlled by the pilot is beyond his side.

To make to the registry will have data about all the drones with a maximum takeoff weight of 0.25 pounds or less, that is, if your quadrocopter weighs 250 grams, then it will have to officially register. And Yes, it fully applies to even toy airplanes and helicopters radio control, but only if they weigh more than 250 grams and be started outdoors, not in your home or apartment. The quadcopters used for photo and video – there. Not yet reported, where it will be registration of drones, and who will identify cases of unrecorded flight of the UAV. The amount of penalties is also yet to be determined.

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