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Drones weighing up to 30 kilograms can not register

In Russia came into force new rules of registration of unmanned aerial vehicles, or simply drones. This is the second edition of the rulebook, drafted in the beginning of this year, and this time it is aimed at consumers, not on the authorities, so that the taxes levied on the owners of drones are canceled.

Vladimir Putin signed the amendments to the Air code that regulates the use of drones within the United States. All owners of compact quadcopters can breathe easy — they don’t need to run to register their toys, unless they do not weigh more than 30 pounds. All the UAV whose weight does not reach the specified value, check not officially be. In the first version of amendments to the law involves the registration of all drones heavier than 250 grams — manage needed special certification, of course, not free, but in the absence of the necessary papers has been put a penalty imposed on the owner of the UAV.

All the amendments to the law are free, and you can view them at any time. For all these reasons, conventional quadcopters from China, can carry a small video camera to shoot from height of bird’s flight, now fully legalized.

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