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Downed on the road a teenager was billed for the car repairs

In the Urals downed on the road a teenager was billed for the car repairs

Сбитому на дороге подростку выставили счет за ремонт автомобиля

Сбитому на дороге подростку выставили счет за ремонт автомобиля

In the city of Revda of Sverdlovsk region has been simmering scandal involving proceedings about the accident. Two years ago, the car “Lada-Grant” was hit at a marked crosswalk 14-year-old schoolboy Georgi Gerasimov. He suffered a compound fracture of the leg. At that time, when he recovered, he received a letter from the insurance company demanding compensation of $ 27 653 rubles for the repair of the car headlights, because of which he nearly lost his life, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“I was home alone when he received this letter. Opened and froze. Didn’t know whether to cry, whether to laugh. They want me to pay money for something that is crippled!” – George admitted to the correspondent.

According to him, when the accident occurred, he was crossing the street not one. Ahead was a grandmother with her granddaughter. Riding a roller coaster car the guy saw, but decided that the driver slow down, to skip the old woman and the child. To the pavement but George didn’t manage to reach, it was planted on the hood of the Lada so that he flew two meters and from the pain in his leg and lost consciousness.

The trial court decided the accident was the fault of the student. The motorist didn’t violate rules, drove at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour and at a marked crosswalk have the right not to give way to pedestrians. The boy’s parents appealed against the verdict, the regional court has sent business on revision. In the new lawsuit, the family, among other things, is required to pay the driver half a million for mental suffering and 50 thousand in property damage.

As explained by the mother of a teenager, the last confirmed sum of receipts for medication and treatment. About their suffering Georgi chose to remain silent, but his friends told that the boy often complains: from the unbearable pain in his leg, he often can’t sleep at night.

The documents the insurance company about compensation for auto repair in court were not represented. Gerasimov sure if George found not guilty in an accident, the replacement lights will disappear by itself. But, as the lawyers say, this situation is not all clear.

“In principle, the requirements of insurers legitimate. Simply such cases are rare. If the insurer shall indemnify the damage caused to the vehicle during a collision with a pedestrian, the company may require payment of costs a person. No matter he’s guilty or not. Another thing is that the victim may apply to the court to recover from the driver compensation of moral harm”, – said Maxim Idrisov, the representative of Federation of automobile owners of Russia in Sverdlovsk region.

RG notes that the situation, which hit the Gerasimov family, though rare, but not unique. For the first time the dispute between the insurers and the parents of the affected child broke a few years ago in the Krasnoyarsk region. The girl jumped out on the road away from the crossing, the driver did not have time to slow down. Eventually the child was in the hospital, and the car is in the workshop.

By court order for treatment and compensation for moral damage, the insurers have paid about 40 thousand rubles, and then sued the parents to recover the cost of repairs. Claims of the parties was addressed in several instances, have not reached the constitutional court, which made a determination about shared responsibility.

This decision has caused a bombshell. According to the Chairman of the interregional movement “Union of pedestrians” Vladimir Sokolov, the machine and man are in unequal conditions. If the cost of parts and labor to restore the car all clear (there are price lists), the question of assessing damages to human health remains controversial.

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