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Don’t teach to live, but help financially

Не учат жить, но помогают материально

Ukrainians working abroad send to relatives more money than they give to the country all financial institutions in the world. To such conclusion experts of the International organization for migration. So the chief of the national offices of the IOM, Manfred M. Profazi said that in 2014 workaholic mother transferred $ 2.8 billion through all channels, both official and unofficial. Another 100 million were sent in non-monetary form, that is, things.

Let’s do it quietly

Analysts highlight the high share of informal channels to transfer money home. In Ukraine it is 53 per cent, more than the European average. By the way, earlier our portal is addressed to a similar study on remittances from Russia to CIS countries. Then it turned out that remittances form up to 47% of Tajikistan’s GDP.

On average, one Ukrainian household in 2014-m received help from their relatives 4 348 thousand dollars. Unlike the majority of previously studied countries, Ukrainians consume at home, only 40 percent of the funds received, and at least 42 percent put the jug on home soil.

However, much more actively hoarding Square residents abroad. The total volume of “foreign” savings is, according to IOM, 4 billion American dollars. However, the Deposit is not limited.

Ukrainians are also willing to invest in:

Real estate,

Big-ticket items

Education for their children.

About their own economy workers are also not forgotten. In local infrastructure prefer to invest 22 percent of respondents.

The most popular to invest following areas:




Therefore, Ukrainians who work abroad, are the main investors in the economy of their country. “Migrant communities have the skills and knowledge that are not needed in their own country. It turns out that redirecting this huge potential, the national economy will receive a huge opportunity for humanitarian, intellectual, economic and cultural development.

And breadwinners who?

A major donor in 2014 for Ukrainian migrants in Russia – our country accounts for about 30 percent of all workers. In second place Poland and 21 percent of workers. Also Ukrainians want to work in the Czech Republic (15 per cent) and Italy (11 percent).

As highlighted in the IOM study, the data show an incredibly strong influence of migrants on the economy. During the insecurity and instability it is the workaholic shoulder country and then the state must do more to care for this population.

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