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Dog driving a truck caused an accident in Minnesota

Пес за рулем фуры устроил аварию в Миннесоте

In the American town Mankato (Minnesota) an accident involving the truck driven by a dog, TV channel Fox9.

About the incident told journalists Mary Brace who witnessed the incident. She saw the truck, in the cab where there were no people, crashed into an empty parked car and demolished standing near the tree, then stopped. Then from the window of the truck looked dog — a Golden Labrador Retriever. The woman took a picture of the consequences of the accident and provided a snapshot of the available channel.

The Brace story was confirmed by police in Mankato. They explained that the driver of the truck, probably to the store, leaving the car with the engine running, and it was in the cab the dog somehow managed to change gear and bring the car in motion. The animal, according to the police spokesman, was not injured. To the chauffeur did not apply any sanctions.

In April 2014, a similar incident occurred in Barnaul. Puppy husky set in motion “the Zhiguli” and got into a small accident. The car hit standing in the Parking other cars.

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