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Doctors told, than useful red currant

Медики рассказали, чем полезна красная смородинаDoctors told about the main useful properties of red currant.

Useful properties of red currant also include improved digestion and speed up elimination of toxins, due to a high content of pectin substances in these berries. Red currant is an excellent natural source of the element potassium, which is essential for strengthening our cardiovascular systems as well as providing anti-edema effect. Rich currants and iron, which is important for strengthening blood vessels and raising the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Also, the berries of red currant has a sufficient number of such elements as iodine, which normalizes the function of endocrine systems of the body. Using this natural remedies can increase appetite, improve intestinal motility and to accelerate the processes of assimilation of nutrients, relieve nausea and retching. In addition, the useful properties of red currant include an analgesic effect, which can be used for getting rid pain in the stomach or important organs, and to relieve pain in muscles, joints and other areas of concern.

Red currant can help to reduce fever, get rid of constipation, and these berries are an excellent diuretic and diaphoretic properties, thereby stimulating the process of removing toxins and harmful substances. Very often in folk medicine used the juice of red currants, which has an excellent refreshing tonic, tonic and other activities.

Finally, the extracts of these berries are often used in cosmetics as ingredients of various cosmetic products ha leather. Especially often these extracts are added to softening and restorative hand cream. Since the useful properties of red currant include bleaching action, these berries can be used as the basis for the bleaching of face masks, which are especially suitable for those women who have oily and troubled skin. Be healthy!

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