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Doctors told how to protect children from insect bites

 Врачи рассказали, как защитить детей от укусов насекомыхThis problem is familiar to all mothers.

When insects bite you, you can easily get rid of them, using a protective spray or any other means. Your child in warm seasons it much more difficult. Especially if he is still a baby.

Children younger than 2 months
Experts are sure: the repellent is completely safe for a child this age doesn’t exist. Even if the insect repellant is marked “from birth” or “0+”, they should be used very cautiously and only in extreme cases. To protect the baby, follow these tips:

– Do not walk with the child dusk: this time of increased activity of mosquitoes.
– Protect your home from insects: make sure all Windows and doors are safety nets that can protect you and your baby from flying and crawling insects.
– Dress your child correctly: the arms and legs of the child should be securely covered with clothing. Don’t forget socks and a cap.
– Avoid bright floral prints, choosing clothes for the baby.
– Use a mosquito net for pushchairs.
– Check near your home places with standing water.
– Do not use products with fragrance: perfume, hairspray and even baby soap can cause attacks of insects.
– Avoid walking in areas with large concentrations of insects: flower beds, garbage cans, piles of fallen leaves, bushes, etc.

Children older than 2 months
As a child gets older, you can use special lotions and sprays to repel insects. It is recommended to use repellents as the best way to protect the child from mosquito bites. Importantly, use them correctly. Insect repellents also protect against tick bites, fleas and flies. But they do not work against wasps, bees, hornets, etc.

More efficient and long lasting are repellents with the active ingredients DEET and Picardin. When using tools with active substance DEET, choose a product with a concentration of a substance is less than 30%. The less time your child spends outside, the less concentration you should choose.

As for natural repellent lemon oil or natural butter, nor a production version of the PMD are not safe for children under 3 years.

Other repellents made with herbal essential oils such as citronella, cedar, and soy, can be effective. But they work for a short time and can cause allergic reactions.

The use of repellents
If you decide to use sprays, liquids or creams to protect your child:

– Always read instructions before use;
– First apply the product on your hands, then the hands – on baby’s skin;
– Use only the unmarked clothes the skin;
– Do not spray cleaner on the child’s palm, near the eyes and mouth;
– Do not apply the product on damaged areas of skin with cuts, scrapes, or rash;
– Wash hands after applying;
– Do not use both sunscreen and insect repellent.

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