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Doctors told about the benefits of potatoes

Медики рассказали о пользе картофеляProfessionals tell how useful the potatoes.

If the day to eat two small portions of red potatoes, reduced risk for developing hypertension and does not lead to the fullness of the body.

For conducting research, scientists involved 18 volunteers who were overweight and suffered from hypertension. In the experiment, it was found that even if a day to eat 2 times at 6-8 small red potatoes, it reduces the risk of hypertension by 4%, and helps the body fight excess weight.

For the experiment, all participants were divided into two groups, Group # 1, all 4 week I ate potatoes, group No. 2 –no. After some time, the group has changed its functions. During the whole time of the experiment, the doctors followed all figures in the body of participants.

The result showed that the average blood pressure dropped by 4.3%, and systolic by 3.5%. It is worth emphasizing that during the experiment, none of the participants gained weight.

Despite the small proportion (3-4%), this is enough to potentially reduce the risk of development of many heart diseases

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