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Dmitry Gudkov: time to think again!

Дмитрий Гудков: время одуматься!

With people who prey on the former Prime Minister, hounded Katasonova and “journalists” must speak the police and the court, not politicians. All this scum is working on one now – to eliminate the opposition, media, physical. Trash is substituted under blows, howling joyfully, if it was touched by “face” (where you saw the person?).

One of the leaders of the red guards – the state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fedorov, in which has long been crying bitter tears, ward No. 6.

I am the speaker of the Duma Sergey Naryshkin (know what your colleagues read this blog): a person who commits such actions discrediting the rank of a Deputy, should be excluded from Parliament – at least that. Otherwise career current ruling party that destroyed the very notion of respect for the policy will end, following the example of Ukraine, in the garbage cans.

Today monkey with a pounding punk-around-not just for opposition, but for the former Prime Minister. Tomorrow she will take care of you, because you can’t rest, entering into the taste. And then who will protect you, themselves, hands Fedorov, raised her?

I once again appeal to change his mind: soon after you, trampling your self-respect, there will be nobody to stand up.

A request to the Minister Kolokoltsev on the attack on Mikhail Kasyanov has already been sent – offer to join.

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