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Disappointed in the performance of their fighters, the French are starting to be rude to the Russians

That’s really from anyone, but from the French I never expected that they, having been disappointed by the disastrous performance of his wrestlers at the European Championships in Toulouse, will start to look for excuses for your failures in aggression of Russian youth.

The French newspaper La Dépêche writes with sadness: “To the end of the weekend everyone will know the Russian anthem by heart!” This is not surprising – the Russian sportsmen have won 15 of the 28 gold medals, and at the same time never a pedestal was not left without Russians. At the same time from the French Sambo only one managed to climb the podium, and then only for “bronze”.

Разочарованные выступлением своих борцов, французы начинают хамить в адрес россиян

So ironic comment La Dépêche that the French have left only one day to REMIND the whole of Europe “La Marseillaise”, sounds more like a funeral March than serious hopes of a victory of the French athletes.

But the French specialists in the field of Sambo could find a way to justify their professional failure to explain the victory of the Russians, the aggressiveness instilled her almost with mother’s milk.

In the opinion of the world champion 2001 and 2003, the Frenchman Jacques Crosses,, above all in cultural background: “In France the boys playing ball in the street. In Russia – fight”. So says the coach of the French team David Eran, who sees the reason of success in Eastern Europe in professionalism and other conditions of training.

God, how was it, gentlemen, “frogs”! And here you are, “Putin’s fault”!

But, given the current European customs in Russia, this kind of “excuse” French coaches Sambo will be accepted “on hurrah”, and they will continue to “Shine” with their unprofessionalism…

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