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Disappearance in front of everyone, shrouded in mystery

Исчезновения людей на глазах у всех, покрытые тайной

In human history there is a lot of mysterious disappearances. Looking for missing long time, but usually never find. And sometimes people disappear right before the eyes of astonished passers-by and eyewitnesses. To find an explanation for this so anybody and could not.

Here is one of such cases. In the late nineteenth century in America, in Alabama missing person. As told by his wife and neighbors, the man ran through their meadow and suddenly disappeared. When inspection of the scene in the meadow have not found any holes, nor any failure, we could disappear. The police dog lost the trail exactly at the spot where he disappeared. People like ran away to nowhere.

Almost at the same time in another American state had an experience that made a lot of noise. The farmer came to visit a friend. As he walked with open arms towards the owner of the ranch, we saw, just a few short steps, as the latter begins, as if dissolved in air. And then completely disappeared. The events saw the wife of the owner and the neighbors. The man disappeared into nowhere and never returned.

Many similar cases are known in history. That is the disappearance of people in other dimensions, alien abduction, or there could be a more reasonable explanation? Until now, scientists can’t tell us anything specific.

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