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Died Nobel prize in Economics Lloyd Shapley

Умер лауреат Нобелевской премии по экономике Ллойд Шепли

In the US at the age of 92 years died a Nobel prize in Economics Lloyd Shapley, the Associated Press reports. He died Sunday, March 13, in a nursing home in Tucson (Arizona), reports The Washington Post.

It is noted that the health scientist has worsened after he broke his hip a few weeks ago.

Lloyd Shapley won the Nobel prize in 2012 for “the theory of stable allocation and the practice device markets.” He shared the award with scientists from Harvard’s Alvin Roth. In their works they attempted to answer one of the main issues of the economy — the issue of distribution of resources between consumers in the best way.

Shapley were awarded the Nobel Committee for theoretical work, the Mouth practical. The researchers worked independently from each other.

Lloyd Stowell Shapley was born in Cambridge (Massachusetts), 2 June 1923. He graduated from Harvard in 1948 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and five years later received his doctorate at Princeton University. In 1954 he began working in American strategic research center RAND. In 1981 Shapley is a Professor of Economics and mathematics, began teaching at the University of California.

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