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Daily walking can reduce the likelihood of premature death

Ежедневная ходьба позволяет снизить вероятность наступления преждевременной смерти

The authors of the new laboratory and clinical projects found that daily walking reduces the risk of premature death.

A group of academics claims that in the process of implementing new projects they were able to detect a unique pattern. It should be noted that the initiators of the observations were employees of the National cancer Institute, the University of Pennsylvania, National Institute on aging and Johns Hopkins University. Leading experts have documented that a sedentary lifestyle increases the likelihood of premature death several times. It is noted that in the new experiments the doctors involved about 3 thousand representatives of weak and strong floor. The ages of the respondents ranged from 50 to 79 years. According to scientists, the volunteers also participated in the national survey of health and nutrition, the initiators of which were the staff of the American Center for control and prevention of diseases.

At the beginning of the implementation of new studies all men and women during the week wore special accelerometers – sensors supersensitive activity. Information obtained during the implementation of the clinical experiences, carefully processed and analysed by scientists. Then the doctors observed the respondents for the next 8 years. For all time of observations doctors recorded that the people leading a sedentary lifestyle, has died 5 times more often than active representatives of the weaker and the stronger sex.

Today researchers do not exactly know which level of human activity promotes good health; however, experts suggest that even a 10-minute walk can significantly reduce the probability of a lethal outcome.

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