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Dactyloscopy in Uhans S1 smartphone will replace the shutter button

The vast majority of smartphones are lacking the shutter button, which is so convenient to do and a photo and a selfie. Unfortunately, producers think that nobody needs it, so you have to hit the button on the screen, but not in the case of the new smartphone Uhans S1 — of course, hardware buttons it either, but there is an advanced fingerprint scanner.

With the aid of a built-in smartphone Uhans S1 dactyloscopy you can manage the process of obtaining the photo, and it will come in handy when choosing songs in the player and control the volume during song playback. As the security module it works too, and the phone will not unlock, yet does not recognize the fingerprint of its owner. By the way, the sensor in this smartphone is very sensitive and quick — definition of thumbprint takes as little as 0.4 seconds, although it may be a trick of marketers is to measure something unlikely to succeed.

The sensor makes a particular crystal surface, which was replaced by a metal. That’s hardly as-that will affect other settings dactyloscopy, except that it will become more fragile. By the way, in the video player it will also be able to pause and start the playback. The characteristics Uhans S1 is factory 6.0 Android OS with access to Google Play, which controls the MediaTek MT6753 processor with four cores, screen 5 inch, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM and main camera is 13 Megapixels. The cost Uhans S1 remains unknown.

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