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Culture and tourism along with arms and oil — Russian calling cards

Культура и туризм наряду с оружием и нефтью — визитные карточки России

Minister Vladimir Medinsky reported on the success of the Agency, proposed to declare 2017 the year of the theatre and supported the arrested officials

The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky called the four Russian calling cards. This is Russian culture, Russian oil, Russian weapons in the future — domestic and inbound tourism. This thesis was voiced by the Minister during the report of the Board of the Ministry of culture, dedicated to the end of 2015.

It Medinsky was preceded by the speech of the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, who highly valued the activities of the Agency during the reporting period. In fact, the Minister focused mainly on the progress, stressing that the main aspect of this Ministry — an active cultural policy, and it is, strictly speaking, is carried out.

According to Medina, in the past year has witnessed quantitative and qualitative growth of all indicators. Thus for initial starting point, usually taken in 2012, when the officer only took up his post.

Thus, the increase in attendance of museums grew by 27%, drama 10%. Also highlighted are the two flagship theatre arts, Bolshoi, Mariinsky, theatre, Moscow art theatre. Chekhov and Vakhtangov Theatre. In addition, the Minister supported the proposal of the Chairman STD Alexander Kalyagin on declaring 2017 as the Year of theatre.

Medinsky noted the success of the concert organizations and libraries. Talked about increasing the prestige of our cultural education, including in such previously malemasturbating the field as librarianship. Assured that despite the crisis and budget cutting will do everything possible so that in 2016 the average salary of cultural workers was not below the level of 2015.

About a particular disposition of the Minister to know the movie seems to be all. But favorite genre, except for certain achievements, official is not pleased. The facts, according to Medina did not indicate a breakthrough of national cinema “neither from the point of view of self-sufficiency or sustainable competitiveness.” Particularly went to the cinema chains that do not wish to increase the rental before the agreed share of the Russian films. Minister hopes for dialogue with kinomomente and promised “news.”

At the words “restoration of objects of historical and cultural heritage,” without carefully listening room became even closer — a high-profile case about the detention of leading members of the Ministry, suspected of overestimate of cost of the restoration work, on everyone’s lips.

“From the song words can not erase four years of the relevant Department of the Ministry done tremendous work and organizational, economic and informative,” said the Minister, immediately making it clear that their employees do not pass. And further led data save means of the Federal budget from competition for placing orders for restoration work in 2015 and almost 15% on average, and for certain facilities up to 24 %. For comparison, in 2011 these savings amounted to 1,17%.

“This is done by reducing the prices during the auction, strict control over budget expenditures, at the expense of captious examinations, due to the formation of real system of competition”, — said the speaker then read out an impressive list of restored objects.

Those present responded with applause and later repeatedly returned to the affected officials. The former head of the audit chamber Sergei Stepashin said that “it is wrong, a single brushstroke can destroy everything that has been done”. The Board supported him, taking the unanimous decision to petition to change the measure of restraint arrested. At that the Minister noted that the Ministry was in accordance with the law “tactfully” make a proposal to send to the relevant authorities.

On the remaining items of the report, the response of the house was not so unanimous, but in General the members of the Board praised the work of the Ministry.

The head of Mosfilm Karen Shakhnazarov gracefully evaded discussion of the problems of national cinema, but as the undisputed plus of the Ministry of culture said free access to Russian museums by children under 16.

The Provincial artistic Director of the theatre Sergey Bezrukov has offered to include in the state program of regional touring with children’s productions and urged to pay more attention to the “free from producer pressure” author’s cinema, though, by his own admission, never in it not filmed.

Denis Matsuev used for a tribune story about his new piano competition. Fedor Bondarchuk on behalf of the filmmakers thanked the Ministry for the protection of their copyrights. Mikhail Piotrovsky congratulated those present with the release of Palmyra and called for the establishment of a system of insurance guarantees for museums. Vladimir urin welcomed the forthcoming adoption of the law on patronage. The head of the Bolshoi theatre, the Board of Trustees which consists of the richest men in Russia, pointed out “a serious and decisive step that will definitely help you to solve a number of topical issues to attract private funds”.

Yuri Bashmet spoke about absolutely other money. “Add up the salaries of teachers of music schools and teachers of conservatories. — asked the violist. They’re ascetics. Will work for free, but give us money”. The hall was zapadural. The Minister said nothing.

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