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CRH Ramensky: the sick are not allowed

Раменская ЦРБ: больным вход воспрещен

The inhabitants of the village Chulkovo Ramensky district of the Moscow region appealed to the “World news” with a complaint against CRH Ramenskaya. The other day there was an egregious example.

The inhabitant of the village Aceva Olga Plaksina and Svetlana came to her acquaintance, 54-year-old citizen of Belarus Alexander Orlov. The man worked in the suburbs at construction sites.

“The door was open. He was on the floor and his speech was incoherent, externally it was very similar to a stroke” – remember women. They immediately called an ambulance, went with Alexander in CRH.

There is, however, a new patient is not happy. The doctor examined the patient and rendered a verdict: “you probably got drunk, and now pretends to be. Why are you pretending? Get up!”

“He move at all could not, – tells Svetlana Plaksina. We begged for a gurney and drove him to the medical ward. Barely requested direction in this therapy unit! In the emergency room we were assured: it you have just drunk, take him home!”

Meanwhile Alexander was getting worse, he constantly fainted. It was in the evening on February 26. On the morning of the 27th Svetlana called from the hospital and said: your patient has woken up, started to walk, we are sending him.

“We put the ultimatum – or you take it immediately, or we throw out from the hospital! He is completely healthy!” – says Svetlana.

Together with Olga they went to the hospital. The door was opened by the guard. Said, “your patient is Sleeping, go Wake him”. Women entered the chamber. To their surprise, Alexander “slept” on the floor. The security guard and then explained: the patient wanted to go somewhere, stood up and fell. It decided not to raise, let, like, asleep on the floor, whatever.

“I him on the shoulder: “Sasha, Sasha”, and he’s not answering!” but Olga says.

She rushed to the doctors: “they are right next to the chamber room. I told them: listen, he you live? They sit and drink tea, and that, they say he will be?”

The woman again rushed to Wake Alexander, until he realized that he still died.

“I seek refuge in the staffroom, shouting: you have people there died! The girl runs out and as the beginning for me: why are you all yelling! Go outside Orito!”

Relatives Alexander women found through social networks. In the town of Osipovich living at his wife and son.

“The son came here, paperwork and removes it”, – says Svetlana.

This case turned out to be not the only one. 39-year-old Mikhail Golovin refused to be hospitalized with brain swelling. Mikhail Golovin was not the guest worker – has lived all his life in the Ramenskoye district, paid taxes, including those on medicine.

And when health care is finally needed, it became clear that she in our state simply does not provide.

“That day several times I called the ambulance, recalls the widow of M. L. chelnokova. – He has a very bad headache. The ambulance came, did the shot from the pressure and left. The third time the emergency doctor said he had, it seems, brain edema, it is necessary to rush to the hospital.”

Brought Michael all in the same southern part of CRH. Larissa’t have gone with him – was sitting at home with a small child. It was night.

The patient examined and… released on all four sides.

“I said that’s healthy. Go home. On the road it ran over and killed train. He was in such a state that already does not react to signals. I called an ambulance, say: girls, what did you do? They said we know nothing, we simply pass to the emergency room and leave,” says Larissa.

According to her, “such cases in the village a lot, but mostly everyone is silent”.

She doesn’t understand how it was possible to send home at night by foot of man, which is just half an hour ago ambulance took from the house on a stretcher?

“The lawsuit makes no sense, it’s only nerves to itself to wind, I do not iron, – says Larisa. – God will judge them”.

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