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Created effective test for detecting the virus zika

Создан эффективный тест для определения вируса ЗикаScientists have learned to identify the virus Zeke for 40 minutes.

Researchers from the University of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania have managed to create a portable test that can diagnose the virus, Zeke.

You know, the cost of such a device is only two dollars, and the result will be known within forty minutes. The previously invented methods could detect low concentration of virus in the human body.

More modern methods of determination are significantly expensive. Experts believe that in order to accurately detect the virus, Zeke, it is necessary to detect the phase of the genetic code, which is actually identical to the 19 different strains of the infection.

After that, the researchers created a database test, which uses inexpensive materials, and has formed a portable diagnostic system. It requires only the addition of water and saliva sample. If the disease is present, then the test becomes blue shade

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