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Cleansing arteries of folk remedies

Очищение артерий народными средствами3 infusion for cleansing the veins and arteries.

Gradual blockage and clogging of the arteries — a very “quiet” symptoms, which in most cases makes itself known when it’s too late.

Therefore, it is important to realize that to maintain the veins and arteries strong, clean, free from fatty plaques which the walls of the arteries narrow and become less flexible, thus preventing normal blood circulation is a vital necessity.

Along with proper and balanced nutrition, it is desirable to include in your diet and following medical infusions.

1. The infusion of lime-tree and hawthorn

Nature has taken care strongly about everything: it is incredibly rich in all sorts of natural remedies that are able to take care of our health.

One of the most suitable herbal infusions to protect our hearts and the purification of the veins and arteries is, undoubtedly, the infusion of hawthorn. It can be easily bought in pharmacies.

The therapeutic properties of this plant help to improve blood circulation in the body (as hawthorn acts as a vasodilator). In addition, it is interesting to know that hawthorn is also an effective remedy for throbbing pain caused by migraines.

The combination of hawthorn with lime will help regulate blood pressure, relieve stress, control anxiety levels and promote relaxation.

Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 g of lime, 1 Cup of water (200 ml), 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g).

Method of preparation:

First, heat the water, once it boils, add the hawthorn and Linden. Boil for 15 minutes and then remove from the heat and allow to infuse for five minutes.

Strain the infusion and pour into a Cup, adding a spoonful of honey to sweeten the drink. It is advisable to drink this infusion in the morning on an empty stomach and do it every day. Only one Cup a day. Given the vasodilating properties of hawthorn, the infusion can be drunk within 15 consecutive days, then take a break for 10 days.

2. The infusion of rosemary and lemon balm

About the beneficial properties of rosemary you can write a whole encyclopedia. Rosemary is usually used as a muscle relaxant (reduced muscle tone), tonic and antihypertensive drugs.

Given the benefits of rosemary for blood circulation, and also for dealing with stress, infusion from it is advisable to drink twice a day, one Cup in the morning, one in the evening. In addition, we should not forget the fact that rosemary is rich in organic acids and tannins, which strengthen and purify the veins and arteries.

Well to add to the infusion of rosemary and even Melissa. This is also a medicinal plant that helps relieve anxiety, to relax and cope with stress.

Ingredients: 15 g rosemary 10 g of lemon balm, 1 Cup of water (200 ml), 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g).

Method of preparation:

First heat the water. When it boils, add the rosemary and Melissa. Leave to simmer for 30 minutes to the infusion is eventful and rosemary had to give up all their useful properties.

After this time, remove the broth from heat and allow to infuse and cool down for five minutes. Then filter, pour into a Cup, add the honey. For a delicious and incredibly healthy drink. Don’t forget to brew it two times a day.

3. An infusion of ginger, honey and garlic

Lemon and garlic have a very powerful cleansing effect and is simply ideal to ensure that we took care of the health of your cardiovascular system. Garlic is one of the best natural antibiotics that exist.

In addition, it promotes good blood circulation and lowers “bad” cholesterol that tends to accumulate on artery walls and, thereby, clogging and plugging them.

Ginger, in turn, also has numerous advantages for our health. It improves blood circulation, cleans the veins and arteries. However, please note that ginger should be use in moderation and not to abuse it, because it has a strong vasodilator effect. That is, ideally, the dosage should not exceed 3 g of ginger per day.

Ingredients: 1 clove of garlic, 1 glass of water (200 ml), a little grated ginger (3 g), 1 tablespoon lemon juice (15 ml), 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g).

Method of preparation:

Clean and finely chop the garlic. Then put water on the fire as soon as it boils, add to the grated ginger and chopped garlic and leave to cook for 20 minutes.

After this time remove from heat and allow to infuse and cool down for 5 minutes. Then, as always, filter the drink, add lemon juice and honey to improve its taste. You have to like and to care about my heart, enough to drink one Cup of this infusion per day. Most importantly, do it always on an empty stomach!

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