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Accident in Rostov-on-don: what is known about the fall of Dubai flight

Катастрофа в Ростове-на-Дону: что известно о падении дубайского рейса

Ambulance car at the airport of Rostov-on-don

Boeing-737-800 Flydubai airline carried out flight FZ-981 from Dubai to Rostov-on-don. On Board were 55 passengers and 7 crew members said on the website of the Ministry of emergency situations. The crew and 5 passengers were foreigners.

The crash occurred at 3:43, said on air of TV channel “Russia 24” the adviser to the Minister of transport Jeanne Terekhov. As reported “Interfax” citing a source in the emergency services, at this time, the airport worked on the actual weather due to strong wind. “The plane before landing, circled the airport to select a point for landing between the strong gusts of wind. And at the time of the second approach presumably touched the ground, then collapsed,” — said the source Agency. On weather conditions and recalls the interlocutor of the Agency’s air traffic control services. Data from weather reports, which leads TASS, it follows that in the time of the accident the wind gusts reached 22 km/h, was heavy rain. The height of the lower border of cloudiness was 540 m, horizontal visibility of 6 km.

According to Terekhova, the Ministry of transportation is currently considering several versions of what happened, including bad weather conditions and possible pilot error. Later, the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev said that the plane was landing on the city Akay and fell 253 metres from the runway. The main version of the incident the head of the region called hurricane gusts of wind. This information was confirmed by the head of the emergency center Victor Azucena: the plane fell to the left of the runway in poor visibility conditions.

As can be seen from the video footage of the disaster appeared in the network, after contact with the ground the aircraft exploded.

The plane crash at the airport of Rostov-on-don


According to the website Flight Radar, the aircraft tried twice to make a landing, and while circling above the city. The flight was supposed to arrive in Rostov-on-don in 1:20, but held in the air for 2 extra hours. From the information of the service also follows that crashed in Rostov-on-don the plane was released in 2010.

The city’s airport and runway were in good condition, said the TV channel “Russia 24” the Governor Vasily Golubev. According to him, the airport was reconstructed in 2015.

At the crash site employs more than 740 rescue workers and 100 pieces of equipment, said at a teleconference in Moscow, the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov. If necessary, the group of rescuers can be enhanced.

As reported TFR spokesman Vladimir Markin, a criminal case was opened under article “violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport” (part 3 of article 263 of the criminal code). In turn, the interlocutor of “Interfax” in the emergency services said that the version of the attack is practically impossible. “This version is unlikely or even ruled out. Among the main reasons it is not considered. There’s technical things, most likely,” — said the source Agency. According to him, the pilots tried to land the ship at 1:35, but for some reason are unable to do so. “After that, the plane circled over the city, producing fuel, and about 3:30 tried to land,” he said.

An investigation into the causes of the crash specialists joined Boeing and Flydubai.


Flydubai was founded in 2008 by the government of Dubai. This is the first disaster in the history of the company. The only incident involving the aircraft occurred on January 26, 2015, when the ship, on Board of which there were 154 people, came under heavy fire on the approach to the Baghdad airport. The plane landed safely, anybody from passengers did not need medical assistance.

The fleet consists of Flydubai’s 50 Boeing 737-800s, which elizabethany in June 2008 at an Airshow in Farnborough.In 2014, the airline has signed a contract to supply a further 11 ships of this class, as well as 75 Boeing 737 MAX 8. The total amount of the contract is $8.8 billion

The previous crash

31 October 2015, Airbus A321 companies “Kogalymavia”, which was flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed over the Sinai Peninsula. On Board were 224 people, they all died. Responsibility got banned in Russia “Islamic state”. Later in Moscow confirmed that a terrorist on Board the ship. According to the FSB, the wreckage of the aircraft during the examination showed traces of explosives. 29 January it became known that the Investigatory Committee reclassified the case about the crash of an Airbus A321 on the article “Attack”.

In the night of 21 October, 2014 at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport there was a plane crash that killed the head of Total company Christophe de Margerie. The Falcon aircraft during acceleration on takeoff crashed into a plow truck. Together with de Margerie has killed three members of the crew, they were all French.

At the end of August 2015 the Investigatory Committee has published the results of the investigation: the main cause of the accident investigators called the plane collision with a snow machine out on the runway, violating the rules. Additional factors that led to the collapse of the Falcon, according to the investigators, were “breaches of aviation rules by managers”. On 19 September the Prosecutor General’s office refused to approve the indictment in the case. 0

November 17, 2013 in Kazan airport when landing crashed airliner Boeing 737 airline “Tatarstan”, EN route flight from Moscow. As a result of crash were lost all 50 people who were on Board — 44 passengers and six crew members. Among the victims of the crash was the son of the President of Tatarstan Irek Minnikhanov and the head of the Republican FSB Alexander Antonov.

The causes of the crash, according to the findings of the International aviation Committee, became the unworkability of the system of safety management in airlines, systemic flaws in the work of the crew and the lack of control over the training of crew members.

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