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Candid photos and videos Glyuk’oza appeared in the center of the scandal


The singer and mother of two daughters Natalia Ionova (Gluk’oza) quite often in scandals. The fact that fans of the singer are outraged by sexually explicit photos and videos, where the singer proudly demonstrates all the advantages of their figure. In response to his provocative pictures of Gluk’oza gets multiple charges.

Glyuk’oza in Spain

This time the reason for the disturbance became the new videos and seductive photos of the singer in a bikini, which she made during the holidays. One of the last video where Glyuk’oza shows his ass, caused a storm of emotions among followers.

Video posted by Gluk’oza (Natalya Ionova) (@chistyakova_ionova) Aug 11 2016 9:16 PDT

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“That’s all I watch and wonder: twist backwards, all the time half naked all the time vulgar poses. Well, you’re a Mom! You children are adults. You can also well, at least a little more modest!!! Husband suffer wonder. Such a solid is the age he is, and you tail all twirl. Need to adapt to it and not pass for a teenager!!!”, “It seems that she does not know what else to bare” — resent subscribers (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx.ed.).

Glyuk’oza in Spain

While Natalia is proud of her forms and is not shy to show it.

Video posted by Gluk’oza (Natalya Ionova) (@chistyakova_ionova) Aug 7 2016 at 1:00 PDT

By the way, there are those who support Glyuk oZу and admires her figure. And, as noted by the fans, most importantly, that the husband was happy.

Glyuk’oza with her husband Alexander Chistyakov

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