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Called unique healing properties of oranges

Названы уникальные для здоровья свойства апельсинов It has many useful properties.

Orange is one of the most popular and favorite fruits among children and adults. Excellent natural remedy for appetite, orange is a real vitamin bomb. Orange is useful not only as an antioxidant but also as a stimulator of brain activity, enhance digestion, relieves pain in the stomach, cleanses the body and has a calming effect.

In cosmetics, orange peel appears as a common noun for the hated and the ubiquitous cellulite.

These citrus fruits are highly valued in cooking, they go well with meat and fish, are good in fruit salads and cocktails.

Oranges will never make you better: only about 34 calories per 100 grams. To 100 g of oranges (edible portion) 87 grams of water, about 8 grams of carbs, 1.6 fiber, 0.7 and protein and very little fat (0.2 g).

The citrus fruits are valued for the content of ascorbic acid, although it is estimated that vitamin C in kiwi fruit, peppers, spinach and strawberries is much higher.

Regular consumption of oranges helps in digestion thanks to substances that stimulate the production of gastric juices and eases the pain in the stomach. This orange fruit is useful in case of fragile capillaries.

A large amount of vitamin C strengthens the immune system (adequate consumption of oranges during the winter months can be a great addition to the prevention of colds). In order to get the highest amount of vitamin C, it is better not to completely eliminate the white part that is under the skin: it contains a substance called rutin , which helps the absorption of vitamin C.

vitamin C contained in oranges has anti-anemic properties, promotes iron absorption , is useful for formation of red blood cells. Add orange juice to your diet: it stimulates collagen production , promotes drainage and helps in the fight against cellulite , prevents aging and acts as a barrier against dehydration caused by cold and smog. Vitamin a is especially useful for enhancing the vision. Vitamin a supports healthy skin, hair, mucous membranes, protects against lung infections and is beneficial in the treatment of acne, boils and ulcers of the skin, strengthens bones, reduces the risk of diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Oranges contribute to the development of bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons and ligaments , it’s because they have a high content of bioflavonoids, substances that, together with vitamin C, play an important role in the rebuilding of collagen connective tissue. Contain dietary fiber useful for the prevention of diabetes and atherosclerosis and facilitate intestinal transit , reducing putrefactive phenomenon and the risk of colorectal cancer . Oranges contain anthocyanins — the pigments that give them a characteristic color and which possess antioxidant properties. Prevent the formation of kidney stones and regulate blood pressure

The leaves and flowers. Dried leaves are used as a mild sedative, diuretic and digestive. In higher doses, the decoction of dry leaves of sweet orange is a good natural remedy to combat coughing and spasms. Dried flowers are used as a light sedative.

In the food industry sweet orange is used for the production of liqueurs and spirits, jams and marmalade.

In cosmetics the extract of sweet orange is used in the development of anti-aging creams for depigmentation and lotions after sun. Orange juice is very rich in vitamin C and healthy to extract maximum benefits, drink it freshly prepared.

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