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Breedlove continues to insist on the supply of lethal weapons Ukraine

Бридлав продолжает настаивать на поставке летального оружия Украине

TheKrajina needed all kinds of American military assistance, including lethal weapons. This statement was made allied commander of NATO in Europe, U.S. General Philip Breedlove.

So, at the hearings in Congress, he presented military and political leadership of the United States their own personal recommendations on this issue.

“The decision was based on a study of the needs of Ukraine and in accordance with its requests. I provided recommendations for both nonlethal and lethal aid,” – said Breedlove.

“Lethal military assistance” means military weapons systems used for the destruction of manpower and military equipment of the enemy.

The issue of supplies to Kiev American weapons hotly debated for weeks. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appealed to the U.S. Congress with that request. Then many EU countries opposed the supply of lethal weapons Ukraine, however the Ukrainian mass media continue to escalate the situation, wondering when Obama will agree to that crazy idea about the supply.

It is worth noting that the newly minted head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter supports the idea of supplying weapons and military equipment to Kiev, which he often spoke publicly. Moreover, he stated that the crisis in the Donbass will be on his agenda as Minister of defense.

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