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Brave new browser from the Mozilla co-founder will pay users for viewing ads

Brave new browser from the Mozilla co-founder will pay users for viewing ads
Новый браузер Brave от сооснователя Mozilla будет платить пользователям за просмотр рекламы
Despite the fact that the browser market kind of saturated, from time to time, new items appear. Now it became known that the co-founder of Mozilla and Creator of programming language JavaScript eich of Brendan (Brendan Eich) is preparing to release a new browser called Brave. If the Brave were focused on two main objectives: to make the browser secure for the user, plus to achieve high performance.
Brave for the first time became known in January. Then the creators said that the software will be released under Windows, Max, Linux, iOS and Android. Plus the browser has a built-in ad blocker (on the new product wrote Megamozg, but then about payments users was not known). But there is a difference from peers — instead of a full block ads, Brave will show the user-friendly advertising that does not load your PC or mobile device. Users can refuse such an option, but in this case they will not be able to receive compensation. Yes, watching ads a normal user will get Brave bitcoins.
The payments by advertisers for a certain number of hits, Brave and aggregates those payments into a single amount. The sites that will participate with “reality”, will receive about 55% of the money, depending on the number of hits on each website. But users will receive compensation at the rate of 15%.
Publishers and users will receive payments on their own bitcoin wallets, but this will have to be verified. Namely — to specify the e-mail, phone number, and to perform certain other requirements. Users who do not was verified, do not get money, but their share is also calculated and is automatically sent to the owners of sites that those users visit more often than others.
Why is this model better than others (at least, that the creators of the new browser. According to them, advertising which will be displayed to users Brave, will be faster than advertising from ad networks, plus completely safe for the user. Information about users will be collected (Yes, sounds strange, considering statements about focusing on the user’s security), but in an anonymised form, without identifiers, to help in certain circumstances to know the identity of the person. The information collected will be used for displaying personalized ads.
If the user does not want to see ads at all, he may reject this option, as discussed above. But in this case it is necessary to choose a subscription and pay a certain amount to the creators of the browser every month.

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