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“Blood!” has seized Ukraine 6 million hryvnias

Oh, just look at this jackass, Yanukovych, is how to take care of them once headed the state and its citizens, he bitch lift a finger to fulfill its responsibilities, and when it came to compensation for the property acquired during the “incredible work”, so he immediately began to show unseen activity and ingenuity!

«Кровавый Янык» отсудил у Украины 6 миллионов гривен

Ex-Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash on his page in Facebook reported that the European court of justice in Luxembourg ORDERED Ukraine to pay the ex-the President Victor Yanukovych and his sons 6,3 million hryvnias as compensation of their costs as the plaintiffs property on the abolition of sanctions: “24 December 2014 Ukraine has informed the European Court of justice about the review of their applications for entry into the process for dealing with complaints of Ukrainian officials in the court of the EU. This review was the reason that the European Court of justice orders of 11 March 2015 excluding Ukraine from registries in three cases. The EU court made a decision on necessity to reimburse the costs of a number of plaintiffs, those incurred in connection with the submission by Ukraine of such statements. The amount that Ukraine must now compensate the three plaintiffs, V. Yanukovych, A. Yanukovych, Viktor Yanukovych, Jr., – 317,50 is 57 pounds each. Summary: due to the negligence of the Ministry of justice the debt of Ukraine is already 952,5 171 pounds. This 6 million 378 thousand 436 hryvnias”.

All this became possible due to the fact that previously, at the request of Kiev, the EU Council has applied to a number of former Ukrainian leaders “meaningless” economic sanctions with a guarantee of appeal in the Court of the European Union. According to Lucas, “this right was used MANY. MANY OF THESE SANCTIONS CANCELLED”.

Here such unexpected turn in the relations of Ukraine with the EU. What now remains of the Ukrainian authorities – to pay or not to pay “dictator” Yanukovych? It is difficult to refuse – curators ordered…

There is only one chance to appeal the decision of the European court through a more “fair” overseas court.

Well, until Olena Lukash asks a rhetorical question to the current Minister of justice of Ukraine: “would the Minister of justice Petrenko personally and publicly accountable for the damage caused to Ukraine?”

Calm down, Elena, Mr. Petrenko about it and even is not going to strain!

But Yanukovych must be tried for what he, being the head of state, was not thinking about the welfare of its citizens, and the content of the “greens” of their own pockets…

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