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“Bjoerndalen special genetics”

"У Бьорндалена особая генетика"

The experts commented on the statement of the famous athlete that he will continue his career until at least 2018

Eight-time Olympic champion OLE Einar Bjoerndalen gave a press conference at which he announced that he would continue his athletic career. 42-year-old Norwegian biathlete intends to please their fans at least until 2018.

— Looking at my results this season, all the experts talked about the fact that I need to continue, said Bjoerndalen. Now I can say that I agree with their opinion. I will continue career. But the main reason is that I still have a huge motivation. It is logical that I remain in the sport until 2018. Anything can happen, but so far here’s the plan.

The results Bjoerndalen is really impressive. At the world Cup in Holmenkollen in 2016, he won four medals: gold in relay, silver medals in sprint and pursuit and bronze in the mass start.

The most titled athlete in history of winter Olympic games has its secrets of sports longevity. However, as fads. For example, Norwegian is very serious about purity. Tries to avoid handshakes. “I can’t get sick, he said. — So I try not to shake hands. In Norway it is easy, and all the other countries people and strive to stick you your hand. Their carelessness strikes me: do they not realize how great the danger of infection?” Until recently, all of the events Bjoerndalen came back with a vacuum cleaner. According to the athlete, it 200 days per year away from home and forced to support an order: “At first glance, carpet in hotels look clean, but actually it’s full of bacteria. And no one will save you from them — only you do”.

In the season-2015/16 Bjoerndalen has decided to opt out of hospitality services at the biathlon tournaments. It now goes to the world Cup, except for North American starts, private multi-function truck, which weighs about 20 T. it features a gym, sleeps six, bathroom and kitchen. The creation of this supercar, the Norwegian spent about two years.

Bjoerndalen does not comply with any special diet and eats everything: “I Remember one day before the competition I ate two bags of chips and drank a coke. And was the first”. But alcohol is the legend of biathlon uses. According to him, last time he drank alcohol in 12 years, and then forever abandoned this harmful habit.

In between seasons Bjoerndalen supports physical form, doing horse riding. He admits that this is the most risky moments in his life. However, can not give up this hobby, as over the years horseback riding has become his second passion.

The first remains the biathlon. Even the girl he found in his favorite sport. At a press conference Bjoerndalen confirmed that he has a close relationship with the award-winning Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva. Moreover, in October 2016 they will become parents. “We have long been friends with Daria, but lately this friendship has grown into something bigger, — said the Norwegian. — So much so, that we’re having a baby! We look forward to it. And we are very happy”.

Bjoerndalen statement that he is going to run at least until 2018, commented the Olympic champion, honored trainer of Russia Vladimir Barnashov.

— What is the secret of this sporting longevity Norwegian? Here are some of the components, said Barnashov “news.” — First, the Lord gave him a special genetics that allows him to avoid serious injuries during such a long career, and secondly, professional attitude to their work. One might even say, fanatical. I have not met another athlete who would be so enamored with his regime, and training. Bjoerndalen has become a living legend of our sport, and largely thanks to him that in biathlon there are more and more fans around the world. I also know that he loves being in Russia. He especially loves Siberian bath.

But the two-time Olympic champion Evgeny Ustyugov, who completed his career at 29 years old, confessed they did not understand how the men manage to keep so fit.

— Norwegian — talent, the superstar of our sport — said Ustyugov. — To be honest, I don’t quite understand how he continues to compete with younger athletes. Else Bjoerndalen’d be done by now, but apparently he has the strength to continue. Don’t rule out that he will compete with Martin Fourcade at the Olympic games in 2018. Personally, I almost never communicated with Men. Because of the language barrier. So, could exchange a few words and a little, for example, to discuss the route.

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