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“Big friendly giant” dreams of childhood

"Большой и добрый великан" грезит о детстве

The new film from Steven Spielberg back in his past

“Big friendly giant” — a film about the friendship of little Sophie and the ancient giant — much like the picture of Spielberg’s “et”, filmed in 1982. The same touch of humanity in the face of the child and merits of the other manless world. The same slight sadness that in the “Great and the good giant” sounds more distinctly and persistently.

Spielberg is one of the most in-demand Director whose films become an event of world cinema’s entertainment and sincerity a hallmark of all his paintings, and new work is no exception. “Big friendly giant” was filmed in co-production USA, UK and Canada, the budget exceeded $100 million there is something to See: the fascinating field of photography and is no less impressive computer graphics will please any movie fan.

For example, the Giant and his people created though the images of real actors, but “sketched” with the help of latest technology. Giant, by the way, played by mark Rylance, who has received numerous awards for the role of the Soviet spy Abel in the previous Spielberg film — “Spy bridge.” This is another distinctive feature of the Director’s permanence in the choice of actors. If an artist gets into his team, there is no doubt viewers will see it again and again.
Detail — also the property of the Spielberg. The Giant’s house by itself creates a sense of wonder: on the shelves in glass jars glow of dreams, to dinner a dish from the unknown vegetables, and the host is sleeping in a huge wooden ship. And touching in contrast with the giant furniture and household items looks nest in the hollow of an old tree there lived a Giant baby Sophie, stolen from the orphanage in London.

Tiny table, high chair, crib — size girls that fit in the palm of his giant friend. The rise of the giant — 8 m, what he himself says. The Giant small and frail in comparison with other canines, angry, ill-mannered types that have the vile habit of stealing from London shelters children and eat them for dinner.

Fight tiny Sophie against this huge evil and becomes the main plot of the film. The giant takes the side of the people, along with the girl is to the court of the Queen of great Britain and expresses its readiness to specify the path to the magical land air force of the Kingdom.

Elizabeth in the film Spielberg looks pretty comical, but the Director, he said, hoping for her good sense of humor. The film also involved a famous dog breed, the Corgi, without which the Queen has long been hard to imagine.

“Big friendly giant” — really good, but sometimes quite scary story. It feels tired wisdom of age — he Spielberg for a long time already the grandfather. In the final Giant says goodbye to Sophie, the girl goes into adult life, where there is no place fabulous friends. Farewell to childhood sad, but bright: Giant predicts Sophie interesting long life. What all grandparents want their grandchildren. And the Giant is waiting for the loneliness and memories among doll things.

The film addressed not only to children but also for adults, but because it can be watched with the whole family — everyone will find something to think about.

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