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Bellingcat identified the route of the “Buck” in the Donbass

Bellingcat определила маршрут передвижения "Бука" в Донбассе

The expert group Bellingcat tracked the movement of the convoy, which was accompanied by “Buk”, allegedly brought down the Malaysian Boeing in the Donetsk region.

According to the researchers, the SUV and the minivan went through the territory of the breakaway republics of DND and LNR. According to imagery, self-propelled firing installation of the complex “Buk-M1” was moving toward the launch site. Toyota RAV4 and camouflage UAZ-469 were previously seen in the escort of another convoy, which was met with “Buk-M1” in Donetsk.

Some of the pictures also depict the Volkswagen minivan. According to experts, all three cars were accompanied by a military column marching under the flags of DPR from Lugansk to Donetsk 15 July, two days before the tragedy. Also in the column were T-64 and self-propelled artillery installations “Carnation”.

It is noted that to determine the UAZ-469 managed by white marks, which eyewitnesses photographed in convoy on their way from Lugansk to Donetsk and later in Torez. European modification of the Toyota RAV4 determined by a special spoiler, which is missing in the base car.

Thus, Bellingcat confirmed their previous data about the movement of “Buk-M” in Ukraine. Cars and self-propelled fire setting crossed the border, went to Krasnodon, then Lugansk, Makeevka and Donetsk reached.

In the earlier Bellingcat report it was mentioned that the Buk was delivered to the Ukrainian border fighters of the second division of the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade from Kursk.

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