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Became known cause of the shooting of Shamhalova MMA fighter: “Shoot, if the man”

Стала известна причина расстрела бойца MMA Шамхалаева: "Стреляй, если мужчина"

On the eve of national champion in Thai Boxing came into conflict with the offenders, they gave him “the arrow”.

In Makhachkala on 1 June occurred the famous incident: at the restaurant “Petrovsky” there was a shootout in the midst of which was the fighter of the mixed style, the champion of Russia on Thai Boxing, Shakhbulat Shamhalov. At the moment he is in intensive care (we will publish a photo from there), the doctors noted positive dynamics. We learned details of the incident from a close friend Shakhbulat, who wished to remain anonymous.

“I corresponded with the brother of Shakhbulat. The whole story began the day before the shooting. 31 may Shakhbulat dragged into some conversation, controversy ensued. Word for word, and in the end Shamhalova hit. He went to her abuser and was about to reply, but they took out pistols and started shooting at the ground. Then pointed the gun at his head and said: “do Not show off, and we’ll kill you”. Shakhbulat, said: “Shoot, if a man”. They parted – “scoring arrow” on the 1st of June.

Shakhbulat, took a “Saiga” and a gun and went to the place of showdown. There were already waiting for him. I don’t understand why he went there alone?! Apparently, very evil was on emotions… well, he was shot 13 times. In the hospital he pulled out six bullets. Shot in the body and in the legs, and one bullet on a tangent has touched the head.

The doctors said it was lucky were not affected vital organs, even the bones were not included. Yes, he had to remove his kidney, but he’ll survive. Now he did injections, not to Wake up. The doctors noted positive dynamics, he is now in stable condition.

He never had to, with someone clearly in conflict. It’s just a one-time event. He is a peaceful man, but if he was hurt, he was going to end. The first never started,” said one Shakhbulat Shamhalova.

In Makhachkala was attacked by the famous Russian fighter Shakhbulat Shamhalova. The attackers burst into the restaurant, where he was an athlete, and opened fire. Shakhbulat, was seriously injured – doctors removed from his body six bullets. At the moment the perpetrators are identified, carried out further investigative activities.

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