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Banks can implement biometric identification of customers

Банки России могут внедрить биометрическую идентификацию клиентов

Large Russian banks in the next two years can enter biometric methods of identification of customers, reports the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to representatives of credit institutions.


“Now the Bank is implementing a project for students — a service that allows you to pay for meals in the dining room and to go to school with the help of identification on hand. Payment is due to “lock-in” the palm of the child to the parent’s card. In the moment of touching the special sensor to the palm of money debited from the account. In this case, parents receive an SMS with information about what the child ate, — a healthy lunch or sweets,” he told the publication in Sberbank of Russia.

Head of digital business unit of the Bank Dmitry Kashtanov said that the Bank will be used as a proven security and innovation.

“Let’s start with biometrics in mobile applications, because it helps customers to conduct identification and authentication, as well as to use your smartphone hands-free. Customer identification by the retina of the eye is also in the plans of the Bank, but it’s not a priority. Probably need to start with a voice authorization and identification in the face (photos)”, — he explained.

Dmitry Kashtanov added that the Bank is not planning to introduce biometric method of paying for goods and services because of mistrust of citizens to such payment.

Banks hope that in the future, biometric data will be attached to the customer account, and payment of goods and services will be the same as for contactless cards (Visa PayWave and Mastercard PayPass) or smartphones with NFC chips.

It is reported that similar technology is used for a long time. According to expert estimates, about 50% of Americans in control of his financial transactions with your smartphone using biometrics, and in Europe the average is 41%.

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