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Banks are allowed not to give the money to customers if you understand their source

Банкам разрешили не отдавать деньги клиентов, если непонятен их источник

The new practice will be finally imposed after June 30, the end of the procedure of Amnesty.

Since the second half of 2016, Russian banks will have the right not to pay clients the money from their accounts unless they can prove that the income was earned legally. This is with reference to the Deputy head of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Central Bank Ilya Yasinsky writes “Fontanka”.

Jasinski, speaking recently at the conference on the work of the Russian banking system, explained that until mid-summer of 2016 will continue the Amnesty of capital, however, then the Central Bank will require lenders to ask customers how they earned their money — in particular, those that are already in the accounts.

No strict reporting forms and mandatory list of documents the Central Bank has not provided, so any Bank will be able to decide what documents to demand from the client. It can be as proof of income from work or from the tax office, and the certificate of the sale of the property.

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Currently, according to “Fontanka”, similar to the practice already uses the savings Bank, however, we are talking about withdrawing amounts more than 1.5 million rubles. Unlike other banks Sberbank is interested in the source of funds of customers from mid-2015, as evidenced by their complaints on the portal “Banks.ru”.

Currently, various banks from the Top-10 on different approaches to solving the question of the control of clients. So, while it’s not going to do VTB and Alfa, however, by the summer the Central Bank may specify your requirements and produce a specific list of documents that you will need to ask the client if the provision of the services as opening and withdrawal.

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