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Baltic paranoia

Baltic paranoia.

The Baltics have accused Russia of military invasion.

 Прибалтийская паранойя 8 April 2016, 18:49 * the Baltic countries have accused Russia of a military invasion of its territory. Deputy of the Lithuanian Seimas national security and defence Arturas Paulauskas in the air at a local radio station said that on the Curonian spit in Lithuania was allegedly boarded by a Russian spetsnaz.

MP: “it Is likely that this was the place to be. What is the probability, is difficult to answer because data is not confirmed at 100%”.

Journalist: “How specifically was it the penetration of the Lithuanian territory?”.

MP: “It could be landing in Juodkrante”.

Journalist: “unmarked?”.

MP: “I don’t know. Probably, there were some teachings, and they landed”.

It all started with a certain report of the Ministry of defense of Lithuania about threats to national security, which refers to the signs that Russian forces had entered the territory of Lithuania. This absurd information actually confirmed and the Prime Minister of the Baltic Republic. He stated that Lithuanian special services adequately responded to the emergence of the Russian military. No real evidence for the alleged incident not reproduced. But local authorities spoke about the urgent need to increase financing of the army.

Source: http://tvzvezda.ru/

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