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As I was trying to raise money

Как меня пытались развести на бабки

Hello everyone! We all know how cheaters cheat us, but they can also be obscruity .

I have such a history. Yesterday is calling “representative” of the cellular network MTS and said that I won 85 thousand. In order to get this prize, I need to come with your passport in their office in Magadan, or they can transfer money to the card. Well, clear pepper, a setup, and I decided their protolith. In General, agreed to the transfer, ask what needs to be done. My answer is that I should come in sberovskaya ATM with his card, to call them and they will tell you what to do next.

I understand how they’re going to “breed”, and before going to the ATM, withdrew all the money from my debit card (other cards and accounts in my savings for today), left only 10 rubles (not sorry, I last week poltinik on the street found. Then call them, played round a fool like you don’t understand anything. They said, insert the card, write your PIN in the menu, press this button, then this, then type in the numbers that we will prodictum, and podtverdite. Did, and the look ‒ these actions I tied to map “left” the phone number to log in to the mobile Bank. But your’re not untied, so I also came SMS, and I saw how they robbed me Then they tell me: sign up to “Sberbank online” and tell us the ID. I said, yeah, right now I say the password and you cheat me, radio listen, They respond, no, like, password we you don’t ask, don’t tell, we only need the ID for the Deposit of the prize. Well, I realized that with Android they will get there for the client password is not needed, the ID only. Told them all the numbers, they said all, the prize is transferred to you within hours of catch. And hung up. I see via SMS: login to my “Sberbank online” with Anroid and eat… 10 roubles!!!

Well, then I called the BEAC, there was cut-blocked, and these “comrades” here is SMS write: “So, OTC***, s*Ki?! )))))))”. And from there comes the reply: “YOU ROGUE AND GREEDY!”. And everything after that their phone is no longer available

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