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Anti-corruption organization found at Dmitry Rogozin’s apartment for 500 million rubles

Transparency International has found Dmitry Rogozin apartment for 500 million rubles. After this message the organization’s website underwent a DDoS attack.

Антикоррупционная организация  нашла у Дмитрия Рогозина квартиру за 500 млн рублей

In the declarations of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and his wife, and also the Declaration of their son Alexey Rogozin, who recently became Deputy head of the property Department of the Ministry of defense, with 2013 most expensive apartment in Moscow with an area of 346 sq. m. Transparency International suggests that it is flat on Starovolynskaya the street, where three generations of family Rogozini. Anti-corruption organization estimates the cost of this apartment at least 500 million rubles and indicates that it exceeds the total income of all family members for many years.

The website of the Russian branch of Transparency International shortly after the publication became unavailable, found “Vedomosti”. Deputy Director of the center for Ilya Šuman told “Vedomosti” that the site c 14.45 MSK is DDOS attack, as a result, it is almost inaccessible. Šuman directly links the attack with the publication of material about Rogozin: “No other sharp texts these days we don’t publish”.

Rogozin’s son becomes the property Department of the Ministry of defense

Transparency International has prepared a formal appeal to the Supervisory authorities with a request to inspect this information. “We call on the procuracy of the Russian Federation for objective investigation of the situation, which has signs of corruption”, – stated in the message on the organization’s website.

Assistant Dmitry Rogozin Nikita Anisimov said “the Medusa”: “We do not comment on anything”. Representatives of the Deputy Prime Minister and Alexey Rogozin promised to RBC to provide comments during the day.

Referring to the data of declarations, Transparency International notes that Dmitry Rogozin and his wife own 2/5 of the apartment, and their son Alex and his minor children – Theodore and Mary, the other 3/5. From these data, the organization estimates that the total income of the Vice Prime Minister, his wife and son from 2011 to 2014, amounted to RUB 48 401 043 “Even if Dmitriy would have earned by 10 million rubles every year to save up for an apartment, he would have required not less than fifty years,” the report said NGOs.

In the registry of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography is only one of the capital’s apartment coincides with the data area specified in the Declaration. Transparency International writes that the apartment is in the third building of the residential complex “Near dacha” Starovolynskaya on the street. According to the plan of the apartment from the Builder, it has three bedrooms and four toilets, kitchen, dining room, study and spacious living room. In the registry stated that there are five co-owners, but their names are not specified.

Transparency International has long been information about where you can live Deputy Prime Minister, and now it was confirmed, told RBC Deputy General Director of the Russian branch of the organization, Ilya Šuman.

The five most expensive apartments in Moscow are 6.5 billion rubles

“The very existence of the apartment 350m to impress no one has explained Šuman “Medusa”. — However, the fact of ownership of an apartment worth around half a billion rubles should raise questions about the origin of the incomes, allowing to buy luxury apartments. Given that the declared income of people occupying high-ranking positions, ten times less than the market value of the apartment in which they live, the question arises how the particular official was able to buy housing at this price”. In an interview with “Medusa” Šuman has not excluded that the building at the specially “cleaned” the data about the apartment to “cover their tracks”.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin commented on the situation in Twitter. “Obliged, gentlemen, the Americans and their agents, to disappoint you: income statement write carefully, so carefully checked,” he wrote in the microblog. According to him, he didn’t buy “no apartments while working in government.”

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