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And the Earth is flat!

А Земля то оказывается плоская!

Recently in a post about Yuri Senkevich one commenter led me into confusion. Not going to explain literally better let me cite his words:

“Yes, the globe blended… Given that all navigation in marine and aviation use the card flat to the earth (azimuth map).
When this truth is revealed and people will rebuke this lie?”

The question is, what is it so funny globe, I got this response:

“The fact that the heliocentrism was invented 500 years ago Copernicus, for greater payment. Prior to that, people have saved hundreds of cards and drawings, in ALL cultures, the opposite. The Bible also says about this. Now USA really has been going on for a year, actively on youtube about this show. Despite the already carried out physical experiments, launching balloons, make measurements and have already collected more than 200 facts. Just people who since the childhood see the globe in the school, are used. (+ Hollywood films)

PS Type in youtube “200 facts about flat earth”.
Believe it or not your cause, just for myself, review.
P. S. the bigger the lie, the harder it is to refute it”

So. In the twenty-first century, it turns out that instead of flying to other worlds, we return to the idea of a flat Earth.

I was wondering, what is this 200 evidence and found them. Ready? Let’s go!

А Земля то оказывается плоская!

The horizon always looks perfectly flat 360 degrees around the observer, regardless of height. All shooting missiles, planes and drones showing the curved horizon is fake

А Земля то оказывается плоская!

The law of communicating vessels (well, at least he’s not fake). Then type, if the earth was a ball, the water in the ocean could not be at the same level (probably glass the whole South)

А Земля то оказывается плоская!

Rivers flow only downhill in any direction (North, South, West, East), as if the Earth was a ball, many of the rivers would flow, as it is impossible to flow upwards (to the North, as I understand it)

А Земля то оказывается плоская!

Surveyors, engineers and architects never take into account the expected curvature of the Earth when designing

А Земля то оказывается плоская!

If the earth really was a ball, the pilots constantly have to adjust their height, or they would fly away into outer space

Sorry, further to this nonsense look I could not. If you have the desire to see other “facts” – your right. It may, of course, I did not finish the main “facts”. But I’m afraid the rest at the same level.

Summing up, it all comes down that’s what

– The earth is a flat disc 40 000 kilometers in diameter, centered at the North pole
– The sun and Moon rotate above the Earth’s surface. The same thing happens with stars.
– Gravity arises due to the fact that the Earth is moving up with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s?.
– The South pole does not exist. What we think Antarctica is an ice wall surrounding world.

All photos of the Earth from space — forgery

The distance between objects in the southern hemisphere much more. The fact that flights between them are faster than it should be according to the map of a flat Earth, due to the fact that pilots of aircraft are also involved in the conspiracy

Who can tell me what is this?! How it to perceive?! We are slipping into the dark ages?!

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