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An educational program on the shortness of breath: what is and how to treat

Ликбез по одышке: отчего возникает и как лечитьConsider existing, from a medical point of view, types, causes and treatments of shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath is characterized by a condition when not enough air. This condition is familiar to all of us and has happened or when running, or climbing stairs to the fifth floor. But it happens that shortness of breath occurs when walking only for a few tens of meters or even at rest. This likely indicates the seriousness of the problem.

Experts claim that in most cases the shortness of breath associated with low oxygen in the body, or low oxygen in the blood. This raises the irritation of the respiratory center in the brain, which responds by feeling short of breath, frequent involuntary breath.

Doctors quite conventionally, there are 3 types of dyspnea: inspiratory dyspnea (difficult to breathe) – it often happens in diseases of the heart; expiratory dyspnea (difficult to breath) – it usually occurs in asthma because of spasms and the last, the third – combined dyspnea (difficult when and the inhale and exhale) – it can be triggered by a variety of diseases.

Traditionally, shortness of breath struggling through the treatment and elimination of reasons that caused it. So, in ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction is often used the treatment of tableted drugs. Bronchial asthma is regular treatment with inhalers. One of the frequently used techniques to reduce shortness of breath is oxygen, as the main cause of this condition is low oxygen in the body,

One of the causes of dyspnea could be a bad physical form.

Then shortness of breath will not be slow to make itself felt, you had to climb stairs or try to catch up with the bus. The muscles that are involved in the work, withdraws from the blood the oxygen, and the brain immediately tries to cover the arising deficit of oxygen, causing us to breathe more often. This sort of breathlessness is not dangerous – but it is an occasion to reflect on his physical form and start regularly at least a little exercise.

Panic attack – another reason to appear the shortness of breath.

Everyone knows that strong emotion, anxiety, anger, and fear provoke active release of adrenaline, which, once in the blood, causes the body to pass through the lungs a lot of air, causing hyperventilation. For this reason, when serious experiences increases heart rate and shortness of breath. It is also safe for health and for its prevention, it is sufficient to consult your doctor, and make sure that you have not started to develop dystonia.

Anemia or anemia

In this case, the shortness of breath occurs due to the lack of iron ions, which usually saturate the blood with oxygen. The body includes a protective mechanism emergency – shortness of breath. The condition is more typical for women. For getting rid of anemia and its attendant shortness of breath, you need to take an iron Supplement (by prescription). It is also worth to add to your diet liver and red meat, buckwheat or grenades, which are considered a panacea for anemia. For better absorption of iron from these products, recommended more intake of vitamin C.


This is a serious disease, when the health risk is not the external fat on the thighs or buttocks, and the inner, which disrupted the internal organs. Also in obese people the heart tolerate the increased load – it is necessary to pump blood in a big fat pillow. The decision of one problem – to get rid of fat by enhanced training in the gym and review nutrition.

Pulmonary disease

Shortness of breath occurs also in diseases of the respiratory organs. It is caused or plugging of the bronchi with mucus, or spasms that occurs with asthma. The treatment prescribed by a doctor a pulmonologist.

Coronary heart disease

In this state, the shortness of breath is experienced as a feeling of lack of air and compressive pain in the left side of the chest. When shortness of breath is accompanied by severe pain in the chest – at once call “fast” help. It happens that in men, especially the young, coronary heart disease manifests itself first time myocardial infarction. The decision regarding treatment will be made by the cardiologist.

Another causes of dyspnea can be congestive heart failure, cardiac asthma, pulmonary embolism. In each case, treatment can be prescribed only by a medical worker after a thorough examination. Fortunately, many conditions can be prevented or substantially alleviated by timely treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

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