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All the world against terrorists!

Всем миром против террористов!

19 February, President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) Hans-Georg Maassen (Hans-Georg Maaßen) has announced that intelligence agencies in 30 European countries in the first half of this year will create a common platform for the exchange of information on combating Islamic terrorism.

Such a platform under the “Terrorist groups” (eng. Counter Terrorism Group, CTG, is an informal Association of security services of all 28 EU countries, plus Norway and Switzerland) will simplify and speed up the process of data exchange about the extremists.

According to Mahasena, “terrorist attacks in Europe, particularly in France, showed that the terrorist group “Islamic Caliphate” and al-Qaeda operate in international networks. To prevent new attacks, security forces should have available all the necessary information about their activities. We will be able to cope with the challenge if we are to develop the CTG and to work more closely with each other”, – said the head of the BfV.

The anti-terrorist group CTG was established after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States in order to combat Islamic terrorism in Europe. It implements joint projects analysing the situation in the sphere of security on the continent, and reports its estimates and forecasts by national intelligence agencies and relevant EU institutions.

After the attack on the capital of the EU efforts of police, will undoubtedly be multiplied.

The attack on Brussels

Four days later, after a police operation against militants of the “Islamic Caliphate”, which in Brussels was arrested the alleged organizer of the November (the year 2105) the terrorist attacks in Paris 26-year-old abdeslam Salah the Salah (Abdeslam), in the capital of Belgium has been a series of terrorist attacks.
On the morning of Tuesday, March 22, two explosions were fired at the capital airport Brüssel-Zaventem and another at the metro station close to the main institutions of the European Union. As reported by (information as of 18 hours of Tuesday), in the attack killed 34 people, injured about 200. Two suicide bomber were killed, one fled. According to some reports, in Germany.
At the time of delivery rooms in print his search yielded no results.
Responsibility for the attack officially took over the so-called “THEM”.

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