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Abscess burst

Нарыв лопнул

Now it is important to understand what we’re dealing with. PANAMA city – gate refers to the surface phenomenon of the 21st century – world kleptocracy, the formation of which was the result of the end of the Cold war and globalization. This Club is Super rich, which is composed of representatives of different professions and Nations – from XI Jinping to the Icelandic Prime Minister, from Putin to Cameron’s father, Meskhi to Jackie Chan.The appearance of the Club kleptocracy became possible as a result of the refusal of the West from their principles and their substitution of “pragmatic relativism”. In short, life on concepts – but only for the very rich!

Inclusion in the Club of authoritarian elites became powerful pump of its enrichment at the expense of exhaustion of resources of the poor Nations ( the annual amount of the tax “Paradise” from less-developed countries is 1 trillion dollars). Guarantors of a new symbiosis and its symbols were the representatives of the West. By the way, among them Schroeder and Blair, who facilitated the entry into the Club of the Russian and Kazakh elites. The irony is that the citadel of liberal democracy – Britain, as the “boss” of the British virgin Islands ( it was there that Mossack Fonseca has registered more than half of its 200 000 “garbage” campaign), has contributed to discrediting their principles.

The abscess burst and pus went. This is only the beginning. The resistance of the Club kleptocracy will be fierce. And not everyone is ready to jump off the boat, as the Icelandic Prime Minister. But the process has started and it is unstoppable. The West will have to go through your purification. And this inevitability leaves no chance for “Rodoguna”. But how much pus should come out and how many more will fight…

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