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Abdeslem Salah will move to France

Салах Абдеслам "переедет" во Францию

One of the Central figures, not having come recently from the pages of European Newspapers, was the alleged organizer and accomplice of the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November that claimed the lives of 130 people, Salah Abdeslam. He was linked with the suicide bombers responsible for the explosions at the international airport and the metro of Brussels. But since the Belgian police arrested him before his associates organized the attack, the blame is imposed only attacks in France. And now the question arose, how he will be extradited from Belgium, where he is now detained in jail.

The Belgian newspaper Dernier heure notes that, although the decision to grant terror suspect has been made, the date and time the transportation of Abdeslam kept secret, to prevent any attempt of escape. To do it in two ways.

First, on the ground. Armed escort, composed of Belgian and French officers, accompanied by helicopter with a sniper will take him from Bruges to Paris. The convoy will move at great speed.

Secondly, through the air. It is possible to transport Abdeslam will be leased by small plane or helicopter. The latter method of travel allows you to deliver a suspect from one prison right into another.

Where Abdeslam will be held in France, also is not disclosed. According to the former head of the special forces of the National gendarmerie of France by Frederick Galloi are likely to be selected “Fleury-Merogis” or “Fresh”. Both are located near Paris and well technically equipped, which will allow for constant surveillance of the prisoners.

Abdeslem Salah was arrested on 18 March in the Brussels commune of Molenbeek. When he learned of the terrorist attacks on March 22 that claimed the lives of 35 people, he ceased to communicate with the Belgian investigators, but later expressed its willingness to cooperate with the French authorities and the extradition to France.

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