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A resident of Kazan, died of a heart attack with utility bill in the hands

A resident of Kazan, died of a heart attack with utility bill in the hands
Житель Казани скончался от инфаркта с коммунальной платежкой в руках

From-for debts for communal Kazan pensioner died of a heart attack. Now ZHEK old falls asleep with “astronomical” amounts of his 78-year-old mother.


After the death of the son the inhabitant of Kazan Maria Gerasimova lives in the house on syrtlanovoy, 9 one. Woman seriously ill, almost not moving. With 2014 over lying the patient literally bullied the utility.


– First exhibited huge electricity bills, but when we put counters on the light, switched on the water, – says Lyudmila, who looks after a lonely pensioner. The woman turned to the Centre for the protection of the rights of citizens “Fair Russia” to stand up for an elderly Kazanka, which is to stand up for themselves not for health reasons.


The entire 2015 UK housing and communal services of Privolzhsky district will be billed for water obschedomovye needs (ODN) of up to 10 thousand rubles. In December 2015 a massive bill for communal turned a real tragedy for the family. When the elderly son of Mary Gerasimova once again received a bill for utility services, a man’s heart could not resist. At that time, the debt exceeded 100 thousand rubles. To pay such a large amount was not where the pension is not allowed, because in addition to HCS family and products to buy, medicines, clothes.


After the death of the son of Mary Gerasimova her friend Lyudmila Leonidovna has helped to set the apartment unit water meters to reduce bills. The thing is that according to the legislation of the Republic of Tatarstan, all water losses in the home pay for owners: for apartments with ONE water meter is charged according to the standard, and for apartments without a meter are scattered the rest. If your meter has a ratio – per square meter of the total area of the premises not more than 0.02 cubic meter per month ONE.


After the installation of the metering device from January 2016 in the amount of the payment had to come back to normal, but this did not happen. Despite regulations by the “obstonovka”, in January of UK housing and communal services of Privolzhsky district put ONE in cold water for 8 thousand roubles, in February, the appetites of public utilities has increased, and they demanded with a seriously ill women 14 394 rubles, and it is 154 cubic meters of water.


– I’m afraid to show my grandmother the bills for communal – worried about her health, – complains Lyudmila Leonidovna.

MHP specialists of the Center believe that large sums are placed illegally, because the woman in the apartment there is a counter, and means “obstonovka” water may not exceed the standards.


Specialists of the Center for justice helped the proprietress to write the claim with the requirement to make the conversion but there was no reply. After it was written the application in office of public Prosecutor of Privolzhsky area of Kazan with the requirement to check legality of actions of UK housing and communal services of Privolzhsky district. The Prosecutor’s office “pulled” the application to the State housing inspection. If the supervisor does not take action, will be followed by a petition to the court.

How to calculate ONE, read our instructions.

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