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A referendum in which “sentenced” Poroshenko and the European Union

According to the results of counting one hundred percent of the ballots after the referendum in the Netherlands it became clear that the majority of voters spoke out against the Association of Ukraine with the EU. In addition, the initiators of the referendum have clearly demonstrated, what is direct democracy. However, the referendum is an “Advisory”: the results can be discussed by the government of the Netherlands, but not mandatory for implementation. However it should be noted that the government of this country, and a supranational political elite in Brussels were in a difficult position: after all, to go against the will of the Dutch people means natural to attack the principles of democracy.

Референдум, на котором «приговорили» Порошенко и Евросоюз

Recall, the Netherlands is the only country in the European Union, “salaparuta” already ratified the Association agreement of Ukraine with the EU. “Salaparuta” in quotes because the Dutch Parliament also ratified. The Association agreement the EU and Ukraine entered into force on 1 January 2016. However, citizens of the Netherlands the new law were given the right to Express an attitude to the legislative document, if desired by not less than three hundred thousand people. Opponents of the European integration gathered more than four hundred thousand signatures for holding a plebiscite.

6 April in the Netherlands held a referendum about Association. People in the Netherlands had to answer the question: do they approve of the signing of the Association agreement with Ukraine?

After counting all of the ballots revealed the following. The turnout was 32.2%, which is quite small for such a widely publicized and which had been propagandized event. On the other hand, the minimum threshold has been met: under the law, for the recognition by the authorities of the referendum on the ballot must involve at least 30 percent of the electorate.

Against the Association agreement with the EU Ukraine voted 61,1% of participants of plebiscite. Dutch press calls this number “the overwhelming majority”. The number of answers “no” almost coincided with the results of the exit polls and the predictions of the European analysts who expected a failure of the “Ukrainian theme” in the Netherlands.

Thus, the vote is declared valid; the majority of participants spoke against the Association agreement. It is now for discussion of national decisions by the government of the Netherlands. According to some, the discussion of “the office” is expected next week, likely soon after the announcement of final voting results. This will happen on 12 April. While the ballots transferred to the Central Commission on holding of the plebiscite for recount and verification. But they are unlikely to be very different from the results announced on the night of 6 to 7 April.

Since the referendum was held, and the majority of participants spoke against the Association, the government of the Netherlands will have to submit a proposal to the Parliament: either to abandon the Association agreement in force (and despise the will of the people), either refuse to ratify (and to complicate relations with the European Union).

The management of “independence” the results of the referendum are extremely dissatisfied. This is not surprising: such an agreement — the last career hope Poroshenko, who recently landed almost in the center of a major scandal with “the Panama papers,” and has previously come under fire because of a corruption of the Prosecutor General. And if now the Netherlands can kill euroopasta, career Poroshenko will come to an end. To promise people more: people “Maidan” for the sake of a visa-free happy evrobuduschem and merciless fight against corruption in Kiev. Not obtained either the first or second. Yanukovych’s Golden toilet fled to Russia, where Poroshenko will run? Maybe in America? But as the press writes, his recent hot speech, addressed to the powerful of this world, were not appreciated. No matter where you throw-everywhere a wedge.

But Poroshenko was going for a second term. Horses in midstream does not change, you know. The President promised to the people that Kiev would apply for EU membership in 2020. Will the EU exist in 2020 — large, however, the question.

Petro Poroshenko has made a statement. He believes that the referendum in the Netherlands was directed against the unity of Europe.

“The real purpose of the organizers of the referendum did not mean the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, it is an attack on the unity of Europe, the attack on the spreading of European values, — quotes the Ukrainian President ZN.ua. About this including evidenced by the debate, which was launched on the eve of the referendum”.

Poroshenko thanked the Dutch, who voted for the Association agreement.

According to the Ukrainian President, the results of the referendum in the Netherlands will not be an obstacle to Ukraine’s European integration. “I want to emphasize, — writes the newspaper “Kommersant”, that the referendum in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Netherlands is purely Advisory in nature. Now it’s up to the government, the Parliament, politicians in the Netherlands. I am sure that strategically this event was not an obstacle on the way of Ukraine to Europe”.

Let’s compare this view with comments Netherlanders.

Reviews of the Dutch people about Ukraine and the Association with this country has led the “First channel”.

“I am against. The Treaty is unlikely to help our business to expand into new markets. And ordinary Ukrainians our help will not get. That’s for sure!!”

“To tell you the truth, one Europe, especially with Ukraine, I don’t like”.

“I voted to help the Ukrainians in their difficult situation. Those who vote against, mostly vote against Europe and the current government. And Ukraine to accept the EU’s still early”.

“I do not support this contract, that’s for sure. Ukrainians want our money, their power don’t reform, why do we need their problems!”

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte does not exclude that his country may refuse to ratify the Association agreement.

“If the referendum will be recognised by taken place, this would entail the relevant consequences, — quotes its TASS. The issue will be discussed at various levels, including in the national Parliament and in the EU. And it will take some time, maybe days or weeks”.

The Agency quotes the opinions of other Dutch politicians.

“We have a difficult situation, because the 27 EU countries and Ukraine have already ratified the agreement, says the supporter of the Association and leader of a member of the ruling coalition of the labour Party Diederik Samsom. — However, not take into account the voice of those who voted against, you just can’t”.

The leader of the opposition party “Democrats-66” Alexander Pechtold expressed unequivocally: “no means No”. In his words, the referendum “somebody still had to win and someone to lose.”

“The difference between supporters and opponents visible to the naked eye,” said the leader of the Socialist party of Emile Roemer. He believes that the Netherlands should refuse to ratify the agreement.

The victory of eurosceptics said the leader of Dutch far-right Geert Wilders: “When two-thirds of voters say “no”, it is a vote of no confidence of the population to the elite in Brussels and the Hague”.

Let us give another interesting view. From Kiev.

The result of the referendum in the Netherlands is a “sentence” to President Poroshenko, said Mustafa Nayem, MP of the Pro-presidential faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” in the Verkhovna Rada.

“It’s an indictment of the President, have all powers, within two years systematically and strongly between past and future was selected the past; which, contrary to the cries of the people and their declared slogans, was chosen as a partner elite and oligarchs, not the civil society and the new generation” — quoted by Nayem “Tape.ru”.

The MP also noted that the results of the referendum show, how do you evaluate Ukraine “ordinary European citizens”.

* * *

We can assume that the government and Parliament of the Netherlands will go against Europe, because to spoil relations with voters not from a hand. We will remind, in a year there will be parliamentary elections, and the mood of euroscepticism is very popular.

However, no matter how developed, the results of the voting, sad to Kiev, is unlikely to become an obstacle to a “wedding” of Ukraine with the European Union. In fact, the case has gone much further engagement. Yes, the Dutch government is obliged to discuss the results of the referendum and make a decision (to propose to the Parliament or to leave an Association agreement in force or to refuse to ratify), and the Parliament could accept the will of the popular majority. However, the earlier the Association agreement will still occur in the establishment of the free trade area (FTA), falling under the competence of the supranational Brussels. So Poroshenko still has to be hooked. The will of the rebellious Netherlanders, very inconvenient for Kiev, he could declare the machinations of Putin, “intimidated” free Europe.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin

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