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A jealous lover killed a schoolgirl right in the principal’s office

Ревнивый влюбленный зарезал школьницу прямо в кабинете директора

The tragedy occurred on 18 March in the school № 8 of the city of Nakhodka, shocked the city and the whole region. In the office of the headmaster 19-year-old Pavel Popov was stabbed 15-year-old pupil of the school, Xenia L., after which he committed suicide.

According to eyewitnesses, after the lesson, she went outside to smoke with his girlfriend, after which he returned to school. A few minutes later there came Pavel Popov. Felt from the girl the smell of cigarettes, Popov began to drag her by the hair and beat. Passing by the gym teacher dragged Paul from Xenia and took her to the principal’s office. After some time there broke Popov and struck the girl stab wounds, and then stabbed himself.

Friends and classmates of the deceased Xenia said that she met with Pavel Popov for less than a year. Periodically complained that the guy beat her, including Smoking. One of the last entries on her page on the social network: “to Hit a girl — anyone can. Stand up for her — only a few”.

About Pavle Popov is known that he had recently served in the Airborne troops, write “Izvestia”. People who knew him didn’t notice this behaviour, except that in Skype he was registered as killer17188 and “Vkontakte” as “Ksenia Popova”.

— The fact that this guy was not afraid to come to school and have a scandal, speaks about his psychotic condition. Perhaps it is the effects of any stress disorder in the army. We don’t know anything about him, says psychologist Olga Mach. — As for his nicknames, it is such a demonstration. In the first case, where he calls himself killer, it is an attempt to intimidate, to cause fear. In the second case, where nick is synthesized from his own first name and last name of the beloved, is an attempt to show strength and prove that she will be his.

Immediately after the fight one of the kids called the police. The dress arrived in about eight minutes, but a double murder has already occurred.

— Paul loved Her much, and she left him. So he came in today to deal with it in school. Beat her on the second floor, and then broke into the principal’s office, where she went, and began again to beat. And then he Ksyusha killed… Even at 10 am it was funny and cute, and in the hour of the day – dead. I saw her when all has occurred, — told “Izvestia” Daria Smirnova, a classmate of Xenia. According to her, after the incident, the school canceled.

— Xenia was very sweet and smart girl, I to her as to her sister’s attitude, says 20-year-old Nikolai Drozd, friend Xenia L. According to him, the girl complained that Paul beat her, several times asked to stand up.

She really was afraid. I met him, he explained to me that she “kosyachit”. But I do not watch, except for me, of no one of the boys had friends, — says Nikolay. He notes that Paul was impressed by the adequate person.

— The whole city is on the ears because of this murder. No one was expecting. I’m in shock. This just could not happen, — said Drozd and added that when he heard about the death of Xenia L, then immediately take time off from work in Vladivostok and came home a Find.

The psychiatrist-criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov said that the crime of murder at school Finds committing, as a rule, people with accentuated personality traits. These people are considered normal, but they have enhanced any feature. For example, the aggressiveness, and in adverse conditions it becomes a pathological condition.

According to Vinogradova, the fact that Pavel Popov has served in landing armies and chose a Skype name killer17188, indicates a propensity for aggression.

— Here the question of the level of social control. Most of the men who had served found employment in the police, security companies and rigidly control their behavior. And some remains, as this young man, beyond all normal behavior, — said Vinogradov. He also drew attention to the fact that priests in the social network was registered under the name of Ksenia Popova, apparently, already counting the Xenia L. his wife.

He, we assume, fell in love. But the concept of love is different. Someone gives flowers, gentle, and someone I am sure that the girl belongs to him, jealous of all and lets his fists. He already believed Ksenia lawful wife, and such a confusion of concepts has led to the fact that the slightest wrong step aroused anger, — said Vinogradov.

According to the expert, to save Xenia from Pavel Popov could only move to another city.

— When a child is pursued by a psychopath, one way out — to change the place of residence. There is a state program of protection of victims and witnesses, when change a surname, a name, a patronymic and the family moved to an unknown location — said Vinogradov.

Meanwhile, in Primorye on the events in Nakhodka already initiated several criminal cases. One of them is in fact negligence on the part of school officials where minors were killed. The investigators found that the staff of an educational institution did not adequately secure, said senior assistant head Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Primorsky Krai Aurora ROMAN.

During the investigation of the criminal case on the murder of minors in school in Nakhodka established that officials of schools did not provide adequately the security of life and health of students and not organized properly access mode, allowing the opportunity to freely stay in the grounds of the facility by unauthorized persons. On this fact the investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Primorsky Krai initiated a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 2 of article 293 of the RF criminal code (negligence).

According to investigators, on 18 March 2016 in the period of time from 11 hours to 12 hours 19-leting the man took the opportunity to get free passage through and stay in the building MBOU “school № 8” Nakhodka entered the territory of the Institution, carrying with him a knife, then in its conflict with the 15-letnia students struck her multiple times with a knife by various parts of the body and killed.

The criminal investigation is ongoing, searched, seized documents, are persons whose powers included the organization of security at the school.

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