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50 Patriotic inch: review 4K TV DEXP U50B9000H

To date, the TV has long ceased to be occupying all the bedside table “boxes” with a minimum of functions, which become half useless, if you forget the remote. Now with the TV you can access variety of digital content, to build on its basis a home theater system or use the screen as a field for the virtual console battles. DEXP U50B9000H – smart TV with a screen size of 50 inches, which will certainly appeal to many users. This is one of the flagship models in the line DEXP, here and Smart TV, and the picture with 4K resolution and the richest set of ports, and the ability to connect to the Network – a really interesting TV, devoid of the “but” and “if”. Is such a device 44 999 rubles. In today’s review is all about how it looks DEXP U50B9000H, and what he can do.

Packaging, package contents
DEXP U50B9000H comes in a box from thick cardboard. Included austerity reigns: there are all necessary for the user of paper (warranty card with the manual), stand, power cable, remote control and batteries. However, do I need something else?

It should be noted that all models of televisions of the Vladivostok company DEXP look elegant, gracefully, and in some details even innovative. In General, the domestic product in this case is much better than what usually in common parlance is meant by this phrase. Without a doubt, DEXP U50B9000H will fit into expensive furnished room and will not interfere with the thoughtful details the owner.

The body is made of solid plastic silver color. For the stability of the entire structure meet the legs, resembling the shape of two arches. All the parts fit to each other, as they say, the conscience, the Assembly will be satisfied with the most demanding perfectionist. Looks is an engineering solution (we stand) is not only durable, but also quite graceful. In addition, these legs save space on the surface, which is quite massive because of the screen size the device. And the freed-up space can be given, for example, satellite receiver: perfectly fit into the composition.

Screen with a diagonal of 50 inches surrounded by a rather thin frame with logo DEXP, and the TV has a thickness of only 8 (!) weather in the thick part. Also on the front of the device has a small size transparent slot: this is the window for the receiver of the IR signal from the remote control. If a pet once again sleeping sweetly on the remote, to change channels you keys to the right on the rear panel. They are intuitive quickly, and the values of those controls, do not argue with the user gestures. In General, when temporary loss of remote control of the TV “freezes” on the broadcast of a single channel.

The back of the device black. On it there are inputs, and the speakers, covered with a protective netting, and the holes of a standard 200 mm VESA-mount. In General, the exterior of the TV makes a very good impression, there is no need, the model is really properly called one of flagship. Control without remote control and connecting additional devices can handle it without hints even the grandparents, accustomed to the old Soviet TV.

The sound and the picture
The resolution of 3840×2160 pixels could not be better with a screen size of 50 inches. Pixelation on such a large display is completely invisible, at what distance don’t look, and overall image quality above all praise.

Separate “song” – plenty of options. You can adjust put on production parameters, using the mode settings, or factory presets. For those who are important to set the correct combination of brightness and contrast, it may be advisable to use the test tables.

Through the use of LED rear-illumination or uneven lighting regions on the screen even. And absolutely white background, and black as pitch, the fill is transferred to the screen without spots. Response time is 8 MS. In the “Standard” we have received a very decent parameter values screen.

As for sound quality, this parameter is considered important for the device on which you can create a home theater. Of course, no one discourages the use of external speakers, but should not be underestimated and a pair of speakers built-in 10-watt each (total 20 watt). In the model DEXP U50B9000H implemented audio technology to the American company dbx-tv. This development allows to optimise the sound for compact speakers, but also to expand the range and adapt it for the desired conditions. For example, it is possible to improve the intelligibility of speech at low volume. This will come in handy to comfortably watch movies at night with headphones, when any noise could Wake the sleeping in the same room as the TV.

The capabilities of the system
Like many modern TVs, DEXP U50B9000H able to pause transmission on the air. Selected TV broadcast is stored in the memory of the connected USB flash drive or hard disk. By the way, the video quality of this is absolutely not affected: encoding is almost lossless. There is also a digital “VCR”, which is also no complaints. By the way, if you want to record something off the air, you don’t even have to be in the time of the show or movie next to the TV. You need to pre-select the desired transfer from the list (EPG, an electronic TV program), and the TV will handle the account independently. Even the transfer time broadcast will not be able to stop him.

In the model DEXP U50B9000H used Opera TV – the system is flexible, with a good supply of pre-installed services (YouTube, Megogo and other useful sources of video content) and the app store.

This smart model of DEXP can go online and interact with the SMB network storage devices supported Wi-Fi Protocol 802.11 ac. Work on this Protocol lets you cut and videos in 4K and high bitrate stream of digital data. Also supports DHCP. It is worth noting the correct work with most standard NAT routers: it’s simple, do not need to go and dig in settings for hours.

The TV does not need an external player, he has his own, inner, mounted in Smart TV. The system quickly picks up any connected external drive and immediately offers to start playing files. This is clever understands and recognizes file extensions AVI, MKV, MOV or MPEG4. Installed in the TV hardware codecs, we are talking about the maximum quality and absence of difficulties in synchronization 24p video with a vertical sweep.

Ports and communications

It has two block connectors. The first, located on the rear panel, including a port for a LAN cable, component and coaxial inputs, a pair of HDMI and optical output for audio. The second included three USB ports, two HDMI, headphone Jack, and a service exit. This unit is located on one of the sidewalls of the device that lets you hang the TV directly against the wall if you have a standard hardware configuration that will be connected to. At the same end, just a little bit higher, there is antenna input and a card reader, which is required to connect paid TV or different HD channels.

By the way, one of the HDMI ports supports audio return channel (ARC), so the sound goes from the TV to the sound bar or receiver, and the transmission is played through external speakers, including surround sound. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the TV sound in the 5.1 format to reproduce the TV itself cannot. The HDMI port in the block at the end of the TV is responsible for supporting communications with mobile devices and at the same time fuelling them. This technology is called MHL, currently it is implemented in many modern portable devices. The lower, more powerful USB port to connect hard disk and all the same mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) for recharging. Top is suitable for flash drives, Webcams and other low-power devices.

In General, it is safe to say that DEXP U50B9000H equipped with all the “dance” necessary ports and connectors, and some applause deserves their arrangement: for the convenience and most competent arrangement of the system in the interior.

U50B9000H DEXP – a true flagship. It is innovative in its capabilities the TV on which just look nice. To provide that functionality for your money, then spent 44 999 rubles pay for itself with a vengeance and completely. There are a lot of ports are arranged in the form of two units, the system of SmartTV, as well as wide viewing angles and well-organized management functionality, including remote.

The picture is bright, rich, natural color reproduction. Especially good DEXP U50B9000H’t display dark scenes. The sound quality is also at altitude, you can even do without external speakers. On this TV you can not only comfortably watch your favorite programs, small movies and TV series, but also enjoy modern games: diagonal screen size 50 inch it allows. However, even in the absence of the owners of the TV will be able to record for broadcast, overcoming “obstacles” in the form of postponement of the beginning of air. Of course, the model DEXP U50B9000H could illustrate the concept of “entertainment” in modern explanatory dictionaries.

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