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Zyuganov wants to expand Russia from speculation to creation

Зюганов хочет развернуть Россию от спекуляции к созиданию

On the website of the government published its anti-crisis plan. But the Communists are not asleep. So, the suburban farm named after Lenin — a great all-Russian Council of work collectives of the Communist party. Presents alternative anti-crisis plan.

The leader of Communists Gennady Zyuganov suburban farmers show their products. As one partisan or at least sympathetic. They organized a small agricultural fair in the lobby of the Palace of culture, which brought together representatives of labor collectives to discuss anti-crisis program. Agriculture is given special attention. The Communist party proposes to allocate from the Federal budget for rural development each year, about 10% of the expenditure instead of the current half, as calculated by the Communists.

“The capitalist path and the so-called free market has already demonstrated its destructiveness to Russia. The country was forcibly put on curves the rails leading to nowhere. One solution — we must turn from speculative economy to the creation, production, updated, socialism, justice, planned economy and the working man,” said the leader of the Communist party.

The communication format is — and in discussion truth has to come forth. But the dispute was not special. The vast majority supports the General line. Moreover, the planned economy, which said Zyuganov, in the view of Communists is perfect and the only correct option. Because with such honor celebrate veterans of Soviet labour, among them the present Patriarch Alexander Ezhevsky. Former Federal Minister of agricultural and tractor mechanical engineering in November turned 100 years old.

For a planned economy are the mountain and his followers — those who lead the production, guided by Leninist principles. The real red Director.

“We have always lived according to the plan. And these programs are near and dear,” said Ivan Kazankov, Chairman of agricultural production cooperative.

Support and creation of new, large collective and state farms of the Communist party and offers to direct budgetary funds. As with large-scale industrialization on the basis of high technologies and latest scientific achievements. Thus, the share of manufacturing the Communists propose to raise up to 80% of GDP. And money in the Treasury at all is enough, if we use the Reserve Fund and national welfare Fund is 36 trillion rubles and Bank deposits is 22 trillion. Party leaders asked the countrymen not to be afraid and to understand them correctly.

“They say the Communists are trying to have people pick up the money. On the contrary, we guarantee the growth of this money, ensure that this Deposit, which we have today, it must be systemic work on relevant infrastructure projects”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Vladimir Kashin.

“On this program worked the best creative forces. It was actively supported by representatives of all types of industries, small and medium business, it is absolutely realistic. It allows you to create a budget not 16 trillion as it is today, and at least 25. And this can be done in the current year”, — said Zyuganov.

Just step-by-step economic program of the Communist party has ten points with which they will go to the Duma elections. Without any newfangled primaries. Candidates will be selected on the old, proven over the years the scheme: on the initiative from below, from primary organizations. The final list will be approved at the party Congress.

The venue for the national conference of Communists was chosen with meaning — this is the Lenin state farm in Moscow region. But it’s not even that it bears the name of the founder of the Communist party, and that it represents a successful example of agriculture, which has always been considered subsidized. Now Leninists engaged in horticulture. Strawberries piled all the capital and labor embodied here the real story: buildings, clubs, kindergartens, schools and clinics. Probably, it should look like socialism, the construction of which remains a Communist priority.

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