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Zhuravko: Azarov really afford to rebuild in two years Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko actually sold Turkey, the Crimea, believing him, so to speak, “odlicnoj Ukrainian land”, was sold and part of the Kherson region, where purposefully and methodically created tarchominskie settlements with the rights of such a Republic, are very similar to Kosovo. And the population of Kherson region if someone knows about it, it continues to remain silent. The reason for this and the silence on this critical matter in the Ukrainian media, and the fear of the repressive machine of official Kiev.

Журавко: Азарову действительно по силам восстановить за два года Украину


And this fear is reinforced by the fear of reprisals on the part of islamskih militants that do not require no evidence, no trial, no investigation.

“The majority (of the population of the Kherson region) I really do not know, because in the Ukrainian press these things do not fall. Prohibit show, talk, and so on. Certain part still knows, because of what we write in social networks, we spread the documents lay out evidence. So at the moment society was divided: the part that reasonable, she fully understands, but she’s so intimidated that she can’t do anything.

Kherson, actually brothers waiting. Brothers with Russia. Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa all these limits I’m tired, but no weapons, no leaders to date. Let’s tell the truth… And if I return, God willing, they will all have to answer for the ills that they have caused their own people in front of the same people. Because today the people are crying washes the blood and does not know how to survive”, – said the politician.

Oleksiy Zhuravko also drew attention to the recent statement of Nikolai Azarov said on the address of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in which the ex-Premier suggested that the acting Ukrainian Prime Minister to take his place and restore the Ukrainian economy for two years. Yatsenyuk this proposal caused a violent seizure of inadequacy, and meanwhile, the public treated him with genuine interest – respond thousands of reposts on the Internet and even forgetting about the curses that have recently poured in the address of the overthrown power. Even true believers in the “euromaidan” though shy, but do not hide that the statement of Mykola Azarov gave them hope of salvation.

Oleksiy Zhuravko believes that Mykola Azarov really have a chance to return, and rebuild from the ashes of destroyed Ukrainian economy.

“Everything is relative. If you give him the security and the people respond correctly, believe me, he will be able to recover in two years Ukraine. Believe me, he is able. Yes, there will be difficulties. But, he has good potential, he will be able to bring all the broken bridges. He will be able to recover the state and economic machine. He could rebuild relations with the European countries, to clean what did today Yatsenyuk, saying that I’m not going to give the credits…

Azarov, I’m sure, will say that debts must be given. And this will start the recovery… And the team of Mykola Azarov. The people at it – professionals. He has always relied on people who know what economy, what is production, what is foreign policy. Everything is clear,” said Zhuravko.
Aleksey Zhuravko

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