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You are not white – you are the criminals

Вы не белые - вы преступники

March 5, 2016 marks the 63 years since the death of one of the most controversial figures in Russian history is Joseph Stalin. Don’t want to write the hundredth time about the need to separate the wheat from the chaff, the role of personality in history, that our factories are still standing machines of Stalin, and that any major power has not done without victims. The topic has been so beaten up and bred in a society that only very stoned continue to scream “Oh zhivoderskie mode”.

On the background of the second anniversary of the “Russian spring” this date would have passed by me because I am already tired of writing repeatedly about the same thing, but flipping is the night “Facebook” on the theme “who what smart said” in order to publish on the portal, came across this “great photos”.

 Вы не белые - вы преступники

To understand the situation: the photo with the flowers for Stalin is a good friend of mine — the Moscow poet Natasha Makeeva with her daughter. This they identified as the main descendants of the “wardens and executioners”. The same Makeeva, which, while Shargatova fought for free Parking for elite Muscovites, for two years every month carries on the Donbas products/things/books. She visited the schools and orphanages, libraries and old believer community, basements with the inhabitants, making no distinction for red and white — for her, there were people who else is deeply secondary.

Let’s start with the fact that Natasha is not a descendant of the NKVD, and therefore for good could just sue Madam, but isn’t going to spend neither effort nor time nor the nerves. But the repressed I am.


As a descendant of the descendant

Because I will answer it as a direct descendant of great-grandfather, who was shot in 1926 in cerniy IAR rossoshansky district. However, despite issued a document about him and thousands of others like him, Shargatova’t remember just because Stalin still in power was not, and their murderers were destroyed in 1937.

Beheaded survived my grandfather’s family and the hunger of the 33rd, but that she will try not to remember, because its organisers had been shot in 37-39 years.

But lost in 37-39 years “the elite of the nation” it will tear my hair out. About the most “elite”, which engaged in requisitioning, shooting fists and podkladov, was responsible for the famine in the country and directed the repression of the peasantry.

That is what in my opinion is an act of justice, in its understanding, and is “the most terrible crime of the bloody regime” — thieves Moscow kids left without folders, such a sorrow. Already over two hundred movies-TV series about them is a wonderful shot, so that throat tickle.

It is very significant in the circles of our “whistleblowers” — to cry about the elite, spitting over his shoulder at the “rednecks” of the peasant.


And then came freedom

Stalin I don’t remember, but I clearly remember a time when instead of “bloody past” freedom came, and climbed up the massively Shargatova.

And here we were: I was ten years old, mother, grandparents without a livelihood in the market do not fit. Question the mother, how to live librarian without salary, the new authorities honestly offered her the position of prostitutes.

Never mind, we survived. And not just survived, but realized a very simple truth: for all the “free” we are “slaves, cattle” and all yuck, and when I hear “For our and your freedom”, that clearly know what they say about their freedom and the like. Freedom to Rob us, humiliate and kill.

No other “freedom” they have not been and will not be.


You are not white, you criminals

“We are not black and white. We white and red,” wrote in the comments Shargunov and again lied.

She is no relation to the white movement has. Strelkov I can name white: those who stands for faith, Tsar and Fatherland. Poklonskaya can still be called. Cossacks can call. I can name another fifty lesser-known names.

But to call a companion of Denikin Shargatova is too cool for Shargatova, such as “bortsuny” at the beginning of the last century was just in time in the “revolutionary movement” and they fought “For our freedom and yours” with the previous bloody regime.

This they waged an uncompromising struggle “with remnants of Royal heritage” with a cry — to the ground we destroy — and, by the way, and Stalin disposed of, which still causes hatred of “bortsuny” of all stripes.

They will be red or white, blue, green, or, as in the Ukraine, brown important to show that they are somebody and worth something. To fight the Turks or to build Dneproges difficult, long and uninteresting, but as a member, musician or teacher RSUH dream “to destroy the bloody regime” and get more power, in order to teach “slaves” of life, very easy and pleasant.

And Yes, today you are not white or red — you criminals. When I speak about “Stalin’s murderer”, do not forget to remember about the killers of Gorbachev with Yeltsin, whose fault my classmates were driven for slaughter in the first Chechen, and such a creature-barzun as Shargatova, spit them in the back. Remember the dead Russian in Tajikistan, escaped from my friend Artem Volshaninov who lost there mother. Remember Transnistria, Abkhazia, Ossetia and do not forget the Donbass. All of these are direct consequences of the policy of “fingerless” managed “unlimited freedom” — the very policy for which he will be punished, albeit posthumously, no matter how screaming Shargatova, Naina Iosifovna of how many centers they were not set up.

 Вы не белые - вы преступники

Whatever you read your court scribblers, this process will be, and it will be much louder than the “debunking of the cult of personality”, where not only will remember Mikhail Gorbachev and of Boris Yeltsin, but also to all the helpers who threw the country into a bloody Orgy and scored on the deals.

And just let me remind you — God forbid you to overthrowing “the current bloody regime”, who cares and cherishes you, because then we shall come: and white and red. How would you then Stalin boy did not seem because you will be responsible for everything and everyone.

Evil and messy, but necessary, lest they forget that they are not alone, from the descendant of a repressed

 Ruslan Lyapina, editor publications Department of IA “new Russia”

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