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“Yaroslav the Wise” pushed the American “clunkers”

"Ярослав Мудрый" потеснил американский "автохлам"

The us military decided to tickle the nerves of the crew of a Russian patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise”, but in the end stumbled upon a legitimate answer. The “clunkers” the United States got himself into a situation where he was forced to fear for their fate. We, of course, sank the destroyer “Gravely”, but the lesson he taught is good.

Yesterday in the Internet appeared the video, which American destroyer lewd behaves on the water. To be more precise, violates the written and unwritten rules of conduct in the sea. It’s a U.S. ship in dangerous proximity to, passed on the port side of the Russian patrol ship, which naturally caused at least bewilderment on our part.

However, this story did not end yesterday. The crew of a Russian patrol boat no fool, so too has shown what can. Maneuvers team “Yaroslav the Wise” performs equally well if not better than our opponents.

As stated in the Pentagon, the Russian patrol ship was 288 metres from the USS Gravely, which covered at five nautical miles of the aircraft carrier “Harry Truman”. Also, the U.S. military reported that “Yaroslav the Wise” filed false signals of “ball-diamond-ball”, which supposedly limited the possibilities of the American destroyer.

However, no evidence the Pentagon has not provided, in contrast to the Russian crew, which has a video showing the provocations of the us destroyer. Knowing the attitude of Americans toward Russia, it can be assumed that the Pentagon, at least, exaggerating. It is in their interest to “hush up” the story with a dangerous situation in which “Yaroslav the Wise” was clipped.

It is obvious that in these ways the United States continues to pursue a policy of “containment of Russia”. Similar incidents were characteristic of the cold war, which the US did not want to stop. So it is hardly in this story you can blame the Russian crew. “Yaroslav the Wise”, if closer to the American “avtohlama,” it is the result of provocation on the part of the Pentagon.

In any case, the crew of a Russian patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” proved to be as well prepared for “unusual” situations team.

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