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XXXIX open personal championship of Bronnitsy winter coastal spinning

Nobody expected such results. I began to forget the autumn of 2000, when a team of judges with four assistants have completed the registration results in the late evening, when the light of car headlights. This spring we did it faster, but the fish was….

New records

On the first day, March 12, established a new record of Bronnitsy. 26 athletes were caught in average of 1.55 kg each. And after two days I was able 2,66 kg. Is today an absolute record of Bronnitsy.
We assume that we are lucky. Coincided several factors. Warm winter. Early the course of fish: Chub, bream. If approached Zander and pike, the athletes are hardly without the available funds would carry fish to the place of registration.

Twenty years of waiting

I’ve waited 20 years for this hour! And here it is finally! All my hopes came true! After 20 years Bronnitsky athletes returned the first place. Back is deserved! All the first places, starting with the adult women’s competition and finishing!

Roman Vakhrin — first place in the adult standings with 98 points.
Ilya Zhukov – the first place among boys with 25 points.
Denis Kurchavov – first place in the children’s competition with a score of 5 points.
Catherine Kurchavov and Natalia perfilova – shared the first place in the women’s standings with identical result 1 point.
Roman Vakhrin – the biggest fish – Chub to 4.41 kg.
Simply brilliant performance!

“Peaceful fish”

To me here already almost 10 years are treated the spinners with the question of why in Bronnitsy taken to offset the so-called “peaceful fish”.
It is necessary to remind everyone who enjoys fish, the division between predators and peaceful fish is very conditional. It can confirm any ichthyologist who studies fish on the right books, and most importantly, observing the behavior of fish in their natural habitat.

And for especially clever I will give some instances of their fishing practices.

In the summer, mainly in July, I was fishing for pike on the river Moscow on semolina. Caught a total of 6 copies. I won’t say how many were not caught. I wasn’t going to put a metal leash while fishing, bream… even Though this thought has crept in… Once caught two toothy. And I’m not the only one who was fishing on the river pike on semolina! Like me, there were many.

On the chopper, I repeatedly spotted carp and carp in the ponds. However, the last catch, that is, to get out of the water, never happened. Frustrated. But in the same Moscow river in the winter on spinning I caught the mirror carp on Twister. I even have a photo lying around somewhere that carp…

On the same chopper in the Volga Delta is well caught Rudd. And biting is not accidental, it can be fished in a targeted manner. Turntables only have to put smaller!
Summer on the greens successfully caught Chub.


These are cases from my practice of fishing that I remember, and if you collect all that is happening with the fishermen on the waters, the division between “peaceful” and “not peaceful” fish can be easy to forget.
Bronnitsky 20-year-old statistics to confirm that. In other years, bream was caught more than those same pikes. On spinning! On artificial bait!

Counting system

Me, and not only me, laugh the counting of results of the official fishing competitions. Only far from Metrology (there is such a science) people could write in the rules of the competition precision up to 1 gram.

No need to tell that 1 gram “catch” is possible only in stationary conditions and on the scale only recently passed another verification in metrological laboratory. Everything else is from the evil one!

At the competition, which I judged, only in jurevec I managed to get close to such results. The scales there were validation of metrological seal. We weighed the fish in the room. Weighed long, tedious, but the result was the one recorded in the official rules.

Once again voices his point of view. A system of scoring on a fishing competition. Fish still like to count. Can the length. You, like me, in weight and in appearance. Only by weight. Most importantly, it has not turned so that the athlete caught more fish than all the other 40 of his colleagues put together, even the three not logged! And such a case I had…

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