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Xiaomi is going to launch waterproof smartphones

In the range, Xiaomi has a lot of smartphones, one other interesting. And what unites them is not only one manufacturer, but in common, they are not waterproof, and even new models of the current and next years, these will not. This is the official position of the Xiaomi, and today we received clarification on this issue.

Executive Director of Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun) named two reasons for the resistance, for which Sony and Samsung take with clients mad money is missing from the Xiaomi smartphones. According to him, protection from water in mainstream smartphone is a concept only nominal, and it can be violated by even minor damage, then water will easily penetrate the case. Of course, this does not apply to mobile phones, originally sharpened under the armor and endowed with protection from water, dust, shock, blondes and other harmful factors.

The second reason for the dislike Xiaomi to the resistance is the rise in smartphone: price could easily artificially increase by a third, which is being used by other top manufacturers. Xiaomi can’t afford this, as she promotes its, I must say, a very powerful mobile phones at more than competitive prices, and sometimes you can buy two smartphones of this brand for the price of one Samsung with the same hardware specifications. In other words, the water resistance in a smartphone — it is something completely useless, and therefore it has no place in the Xiaomi phones.

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